Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oo My… Bring My Tears!

Shalom.. Salam  for all my beloved buddies!
Oo My!! Bring My Tears out.. uhh.. sounds sad, right?  yep! today im so sad.. yeaa… sad like im  lost something! but its not broken heart ya! im sad because I heard that’s the place where im work now will going to *gulung tikar eii.. I don’t know how to say that.. just say Gulung tikar! (this words my friend used said when their company going to stop operated)

ohh myy!! is it right? personally have no  idea about this, because until now there isn’t officially announcement from my Boss, that’s this company going to close or take over by other saham holder!  

so, when im said there isn’t officially announcement from my boss, its mean its just issue, right? I hope so, I do hope its just issue that this company going to close, i hope its doesn’t happened! u know when its happened what going on with me?  yaa..i don’t know,, whether im still work here or will out!
that’s make me afraid, im afraid that im not work here again…  not I won’t just I don’t know did the next boss will take me as  their worker or not!

now im on Admin Purchase! just do hope and pray that im  still work here ..hehehee *ngarep!
yaa…  if  im not accept here again, I had to find new job! and as we know, nowadays is   not easy to find job especially when not educated  person, im graduated from Vocational High School!
so, im just lulusan smk!

so, what? just wait until there is officially announcement from my boss! and buddies pray for me yaa!! Lovee uols!!



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