Monday, October 24, 2011


Shalom.. morning uols! *hari ini mau bekumpau pake bahasa Inggris, kayak bule gitu.. kalian jangan jessy yaa! soalnya aku juga gk bisa..hehee

eii… look my blog looking  better than yesterday, right?

I mean the link in my blog, now there isn’t underline, and the highlight now is  pink.. yeayy!! it’s a big change!!  

ok… few day before, I had tried many time to repair my link, its not nice when the link in my blog always there is underline…!

its messy my blog!

look at the picture, the words I give circle Is my link, its look so bad, is it?

do u know how im change it? first, im looking for the Code on other blog  how to remove the 
 underline, and I got it! I try many code, but its not work *damn it!! but im not give in, I try again…!

and im found these code on Kang Rohman! yeayy!! after use it, my blog changed! yaa… im happily jumping jumping! *yaa...senagn gitu!


  1. can u teach me how to remove that underline? in my blog oso hv that line.. teach me k :)



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