Saturday, June 3, 2017

Be Good


Guyss!! I couldnt believe it, i can login in my blog anymore, sejak ada virus entah apa tu hari, pihak company bloced beberapa situs, included but today i can login it, omoo omoooo... hahaha.. im so excited la...

Dan mungkin aku akan lebih aktif lagi, dan no  more alay la, if i throw back my old post, aduhaii ada yang alay, tapi blog ini udah  banyak berjasa  buat saya, jadi sayang rasanya kalo saya stop blogging, kedepannya akan banyak kisah yang lebih pribadi, mulai dari karir, keluarga, pacar.. haha.. dan aku liat hidup aku sekarang itu udah benar benar sangat diberkati, aku ada di stage life yang aku udah kenal diri aku, aku tahu apa yang aku inginkan, dan aku udah tahu apa itu baik dan buruk... dan aku itu orangnya cuek.. hahhaa 

Tapi aku suka ketawa makanya aku gk akan konek ma orang yang pendiam, aku si gk pendiam juga gk heboh2 amat la, sedang la gitu, dan aku udah mulai pulih dari penyakit galau, dan alay.. ihh amit amit la.. hahaha. Tahu aku udah pulih dari mana?
Aku baca post aku di medsos yang dulu dulu, ihhh no no noo!! Nah, thats normal lho, i bet u also pernah kan..kan...

Why i said in future i will post more about my personal life, cuz im will  turning 27years old, for me 27yo is special... i will post it soon, sekarang cuman mau berbagi kabar baik aja kalo aku akhirnya bisa ngeblog.. hehe

May u have deserve day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Olla March! Much love & blessing ya

                                                        #Sarangheo Oppa                                          

Im still in my Jresources uniform, im on night shift with Prima..  im the only girl from SPP who have night shift, truly Superwoman hahaa…

I have no plan to updating my blog, especially no special stroy to share, but wait, today is first March kan? Based on my perkiraan bonus Sago will be cair this month, HAHAHAA! #donttrustthisissue :D

I’m finished reading Dr. Halina’s blog, and now she is pregnant with twins, Congrat Doc Halina, I have been follow her blog for years, she Kate & Will version Malaysia, do goggle it of u want to know who is Dr. Halina.. 

February has gone, my highlight on Feb was…

1.       Im start paid my perpuluhan by my self, before im asked my mak to help me give my Priest, my money la, just my mak yang given to Pendeta,  this month im bank in direct to Ibu Pendeta, and u know what, it also been my first time to asked them  praying for my huge plan, guess what? Married lho! Omo.. omo… hahaha. Before im never ever asked someone to pray for me about #MARRIED.  Even imagine it im not brave, first im still far from it, there a  are lot in my life to repair and prepared, yee kek breakdown aja mau kena repair, but what I told u is true la, nah, why this month im brave to asked my Pendeta berdoa buat #nikah itu, karena im ready for it, LOL.. seriously?? My age now are on stage Wife to Anjas, hahaha. And I have blessing restu form both my parent and Anjas parents as well…  I believe God will answer my prayer..! amen!

2.       My weight maintain at 47Kgs, im so proud of this, but Anjas kept told me to gain weight, and some people around me, they kept asking me, #kenapa semakin kurus semakin kecil?? Since when orang kurus beras! I just don’t get with their question, but I don’t care.. hahahaa

3.       My salary on February almost give mini heart attack, hahaha… Thanks God! But I haven’t buy any stuff, I mean dress, bag or shoes, I give  my parent to sent kampung, my Mak family build new Tongkonan, and from our big family they cost us!! I’m dying!!!! but not only me la yang paid, my both my sister and Bapak, God bless us more more more… berkati kami berlimpah limpah as doa Yabes.. Kiranya Tuhan memberkatiku dengan melimpah limpah!

Ehh, I have talking too much la.. hahaha

Ohh Good morning from Seruyung! If ony u can see the view on Pit Seruyung this morning, it is beautiful!

And I hope March will be better to me. Thank you February for being nice to me! See you next year!

Ok, thank you for reading.

God bless

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