Sunday, March 16, 2014

Am a big girl. #Random post


Ellooo... this is my package lunch, my old habit is back, i love to eat in front of my computer on rest time. i'm lazy go to my mess for rest.. i love staying in my office.. cuz i'm doing my super easy job, yaiut  onlineeeeeeeeeee! cannot online when the working time.. :) *everyone know it!
Ehmm… ehmm…
I’m a big girl, so here I try to share my story as a big girl, yang truly independent, hee

I have been life far from my family about 7 months, and praises the Lord, hidup saya baik baik aja..
Semua karena kasih dan kemurahan Tuhan yang tidak pernah meninggalkan saya sendiri, people said Tuhan itu sejauh doa, kalo kita selalu berkomunikas dengan Tuhan maka Ia tidak jauh dari kita, here I never forget to be thank full everyday, before and after am sleep, I always took 10-20 to reading bibble and prayer, mommy and daddy kept remind me not to forget doing that thing, so that my kewajiban.

Selama saya kerja disini, saya mengalami banyak perubahan, and of course semua perubahan itu hal yang baik.. ciee.. hahaa..
I can say almost 98% teman kerja sini itu semua orang yang I never meet before, but as time running I can be part of their life, we could be friend.
I did not saying my job here is super nice, no problem and make me happy all the time, apa yang membuat saya bias bertahan kerja sini karena itu tanggungjawab. I realize up am not a kid anymore, that can depend my life on my parent's hand, it's my time to walking alone and being the blessing for them. my parent was old, for people who have a good economic on my parent age they should sitting in home, and taking care their grandchild, but in my family my daddy still working, sorry daddy am not afford to give u better life right now, but me promise that I try my very best to giving you better life on your old age.
not easy but I try! I wont give up...

 and satu hal yang bisa memberikan perubahan yang positif saya disini adalah lingkungan yang baik, I mean I have meet with some of the pelayan Tuhan di gereja, dan they always support us to become more closer with God, and am truly blessed working here. 
one thing that I want is i want to have a bright future, and wise people said *your future design by us. so kalo mau masa depan yang baik, desain lah ia sebaik mungkin

   uppss.. me also love to write memo in my mobile, and my Y reading all my memo, he told not to write all the memo in Indonesia, and me told him *am kaku if writing in bahasa Indonesia.. hahaa #semua kesalahan harap di maklumi and please being nice to correct me if i wrong. 

thank u for reading.
salama dari hutan Seruyung..
God bless

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kerja @Tambang..


Quick update from me…
anyone miss me? ehh hooo.. am back! :) :) *feel so excited cuz I could updating my blog!
this is u call kesempatan emas jangan di sia siakan, hahaa

ok, I have much story and photo to share, just sometime the time not beside me, asal mau update blog ada aja halangannya, blogger kena banned la, jaringan error la, and sometime me pun error  ^_*
saya kerja di tambang, dan as we know tambang itu identik dengan pria.. that's right! my coworker is about 80% are men, and just 20% are ladies, tapi almost ladies here berjiwa laki laki, iron lady,
included me la.. cuz if you lemah lembut u gonna die here.. hidup di tambang itu keras, first jauh dari keluarga, yang tadi nya masih manja ma mommy and daddy di tambang harus independent, yang tadi nya kerja hanya 7-8 jam di site kerja 10 jam... kalo badan lemah harus minum suplemen biar gk mudah drop..
yang tadi nya suka keluar malam, di sini gak ada tempat yang bias kamu datangi, jadi keluar site hanya 90 hari cuti 2 minggu for nonstaff.
tapi still can out of site if we off, just return, free of charge.
as u can see from picture above, kerja di dunia tambang harus berjiwa laki laki... so u girl yang type lemah lembut gemulai gk bias di sini.. see my coworker, jalan kaki dengan safety boat, cuz no LV and no bis.
 taraaa..aaaaa.. this is our first gold, emas Pt. Sago Prima Pratama, so now u can guess la kan where i'm working. and the Lady inside the picture is Miss Salmah, admin Processing Plant.
and this me and my team... Base control and Admin Mining, me and Miss Nur admin Mining, the man who sitting is our boss Mr. Tom, and the 2 man who standing is Adm. Base Control.
me, and an operator, this picture was taken 4 Feb 2014, when I headed to Nunukan, am on field break. hal paling menyenangkan yaitu kalo kita cuti, teman teman pada bilang horeee am out of Nusakambangan, tapi kalo kembali masuk site, pada update status, back to Nusakambangan.. hahaa
me and Joni Songgo, he is so nice to me, .. God bless u dear..

inilah operator Pt. Sago, just the view is so bad, seragam kerja Jresources blm dating so mereka ada yang pake seragam kerja dari perusahaan lama.
tapi kemarin udah kebagian semua seragam, so kalo briefing gitu udah gak colurfull..
inilah yang namanya operator, if I have time I will talking about them.. sumpah! macam macam cerita dari mereka... each person have different attitude, some of the are nice, emotional, komek komek.. and etc..

so colorfull... ni kalo briefing belum start all the operator have chit chatt... see kan, not only girl yang suka chit chat.. :)
Seragam kerja Jresources siap di bagikan ke operator,,, yang pertama dibagikan adalah Department Mining.
 helooo from us.
helloo dari saya.
Dear God, thank you for everything.
Continue bless my whole family and Pt. Sago Prima Pratama.
Thank u for reading.
God bless
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