Monday, December 12, 2011

Bad Beginning!

Shalom. Good Morning!
What a bad beginning for mee!! 
in this morning, im leave my home to go to work, and on my way, my motorcycle was broken *what the hell!. its chain *rantai motor lepas, and im try to fix by my self, but I cant! than suddenly there is a old man come and help me, au… in this world still ada manusia yang berbaik hati! Makasih for help me, God bless you!

after that, im drop at workshop for fix my motor, its need 20 minute to fix my motor, and at workshop, I meet my neighbors,.. hehee… kebetulan ya!
trus, after the mechanic finished fix my motor, im asked how much the cost? he answer me, Rp.500o. yee… I can say mahal juga yaa.. in ither bengkel just Rp.3000…
than im kocek kocek my bag, while my kocek kocek my bag, my neighbor tell me something, Susan its ok, I will pay for you! Ohh God! pagi pagi udah dapet berkat, but im say, haa its ok Om, I have money than he just smile :D.. sorry Om, its not mean im tolak berkat I just don’t wont t merepotkan orang, as long as I can do it by my self, I wouldn’t make people repot J
yaa.. this is my story this morning!! untl now im just like statue on my chair, im become silent today! kejadian tadi pagi make me down!! i will be ok, after take my time!!
thank for reading my entry!
God bless
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  1. saya juga mau dong...enak dibayarin...

    *kesusahan hari ini cukup untuk hari ini, besok ada kesusahan sendiri..hehe


  2. yea, sebenarnye masih lagi ramai org yg sgt baik hati di dunia ini...

  3. @Punya.Tia hehee.... iyaa, semangat!!

    @ Teenager : Iya, tapi sudah susah ditemui :)



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