Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blogger Indonesia!!

Shalom.. morning yaa all!
how is ur weekend? I hope u don’t have weekend like me, I mean stuck on office, like me! orang pada nyante nyante di rumah, jalan jalan tempat rekreasi, aehh aku malah kerjaa, tapi itu lah hidup… and I never complain about that, because im realize that’s, its my duty, and my job,, kalo udah  complain complain hal ini, mampus dahh!! ke laut aja, ini pun aku bersyukur masih bisa kerja di sini.. and I do hope, im still work here  like usually.. *if u don’t now my mean, u can read here! kiss..kiss! * not kiss me but my entry!
well, today im start my day with prayer, yealah.. itu kudu! and after get at office, im start openblog, and facebook…  do u want to know what im done!
see this picture below!
 you can read this post on Muka Buku.......
yaa.. as u see on  picture, im asked my friend *friend on cyber world to give me their link *blog address, I want follow them! im followed without this words *follow me back!
do u know why I want do that? because im like their blog, nice, and I see many people out there love blogging!
so. lets see who blog I done followed today! here are they!!
ini yang pertamax nyaa!!

 Ini yang keduax nyaa!!
Ice Wahyu *ini bukan blog buat ice cream yaa! hehe *peace gan!
ini yang ketigax nyaa!!

dan ini yang lainnyaa!!
ok... daaa..daaa!! *salam blogger~ 

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  1. oh pantesan,, pengen follow blog orang lain,, di posting juga... wkwkwk...

    masa blog buat ice cream...



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