Sunday, November 27, 2011

Watched these video make me cry!!

Shalom. Morning!
how are you all? hope ok ya! like me, .....
today I learn something…! stop complain about your life, God know the best for you! but, I change the word, to being Stop complain about your life, there are many people outside who is have difficult life than you! why I change it? it because im just realize that mu life is better than them.. who are them? they are people who have no family, I have family, and it’s a great present I ever got! even sometime there is time they make me disappointed, angry but they still my lovely person!! 
I post entry about family today, after watched this vide!! it touching, sad and can bring out your tears!

even i dont know what his song, but i can see and hayati his way to sing this song ireally touching and sad! can you imagine he lost hir parent, and everyday he only can dream that meet her mommy and offer milk from sky to him!! i can say more, im cry watch this video! :(
the second video will make you cry, confirm!! when he start telling his story life,, he life by his self, no family,, but God love him, and he can raise up, even had to through difficult life , he bless with amazing voice,, u will see the judge cry! the middle judge said * i just want hug you*.. its show she is really love  and very soory for what he had to though in life. 

these video tell us that family is great present, love your family, dont hurt your parent's feeling!!
and even they dont have family, but there is Heavenly Father who always be with them! all people in this world! x x!
thank for reading my entry, God bless!

Credit : Youtube



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