Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amazing Date 11.11.11

heii.. where is my salam above this entry? I was removed it from my blog, because it make my blog fat, so in future I will type manually my salam...! 
 well, im going to talk about this amazing date, 11.11.2011.. do u think its really amazing? im personally think its not  amazing or special it just strange like alien jatuh dari planet !
but aku ada juga buat wish..toenggg.... ya maklum terikut ikut si dengan trending topic on twitter.. wanna see what my wish... this is my wish :
just average wish... nothing special...!

and after im tweet my wish i tweet my teacher.. asked him to make her wish, but see what his reaction :
look, he said nothing special for him... im totally agree with my teacher words, nothing yang special, tapi kenapa orang heboh tanggal 11.11.11  
and now let see more comment about this date!

this is from Yahoo Indonesia... read the comment on above, ada yang bilang nothing special, ada yg speciall.... yaa.. depend on people la kan...!
and this im took from Twitter! i love the tweet no 3..! be thank evrytime, ok! 
and many people update this status on picture... it only one person.. waa,, she is really love this day! *sorry for blur her name & picture!

this my tweet, im asked someone on twitter.. !

So, hari ini special ke', keramat ke' itu terserah kitanya.. ya kann? :)

dan i would like congrat for all people who have married today or birth! and hope everything getting better! X



  1. mo cari pizza disini ada ga yah...????ahay..

  2. keren kk blog nya :D
    kmren emg jd tgl yg jd tren topik dah..

  3. kunjung balik lah..... tempat susun.....

    ada ID FB susun gak??? hehehehe

  4. yeahh awak benar it just strange like alien jatuh dari planet aha :D

  5. @nova13 biasa aja dek... :) makasi dahh..hehee



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