Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Header Design By Me!

 Shalom.. morning! was your night? did u got nightmare? or sweet dream? or aneh dream? im got aneh dream last night, I see my dream like im on planet!

I wont think about my dream, I want think about my blog! so in love with my blog!

ok.. see, did u notice that in lately my blog banyak berubah? from header, cursor, and background?? im tanya kalian, and harap kalian jawab on my comment box bellow! hahaa..
well, today im created new header for my blog, temanya Christmas, i cant wait For Christmas, it a big day for me, every year this is the most hari yang aku tunggu! because on Natal day, banyak kue, makanan lagi banyak.. daging ayam?? uhh 1032 jenis masakannya, bisa rasa semuanya!! *its doesnt mean im jenis yang kuat makan! 

these all my header before, i will show off all my header yaa, *jangan sirik!
im created them using Photoscape! its easy like u chew bonbon karet!!
do u know, this is my FIRST header, first i mean, buatan tangan pertamax, im desain with my hand!! look so bad! too much tete bengeee! 

this is the 2nd header! haa.. there is story behind this header, look the picture no 5, i said that one day i will become succes woman in career! yeayy!!

what u thin about this one? the colour is cerah and make mata yang memandang berkedip2... uhh!!

who give me idea to created header like this? huh.. :)

lalu header yang ke 5 it looking simple, but nice,, it mean im getting smarter in design :) * ngomong sama kodok!

trus header yang ke 6, its look cute like eii lollypop, like what on her hand!

and when Christmas in the door, im design one header for my blog, to make it freindly with Xmaz season. but im still not puas hati lagi, and today im design another one, its too friendly with Xmaz! see it beloow...... taraaaaaa!!
how its look like?? nice kan? 
Hoho..santa clause is coming to town!! *Dear Santa can you leave me a camera Canon, And Coat, Gown, Higheels,??  im wait yaa!!XX
unplug case!
many blogger told me that my blog is heavy, sorry to you who ever complain about that, in this case i cant help you, because i have no idea how to decrease the weight! my advise, if you think my blog is too heavy take the easy way, Do Not Come Visit me, im muyak read your compliment!


  1. halo, salam kenal, mampir juga yuk ke
    happy blogging susan :)



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