Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kate & Will

Syalom…. morning! happy weekend... today im work, so i hasn't  worship :(
im not going to worship but in my heart always with God! how about u?
dan aku udah gk tau mau ngomong apa ni.. ahh!! kita langsung aja liat gambar gambar nya yaaa... im heart them so much, sebelmunya aku udah pernah posting,,,, kalo mau liat ayook disini....!

                                    She is stunning, and million eyes keep on her style..!

Love her so muchh!! *wish she know that im her huge fan from Indonesia!
awww...... beautiful yaa!
Lucky this Old Lady, have conversation with Princess Kate!
read this comment :
just look at all those women in evening gowns...kate is always the most elegant one!
 Princes William... The War Hero.
Picture Credit To : The Royal Wedding!

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