Monday, November 21, 2011

Curly Hair...

heii..  do u love your hair? *what kind of question ya! of course i do! yea.. all woman love their hair, because people said that Rambut Adalah Mahkota bagi seorang wanita! just not all woman know how to take care their hair, no perawatan, slalu pake bahan kimia! naa, it can damage your hair.. like me, i have Lion Hair! but i never purpose to damage my hair, just entah entah kenapa rambut ku yang dulunya soft and nice, now becoming lion hair, my hair its not kasar just kembang, u know how its look like? *sorry i have no picture to show it! if you dont know just see the Lion hair.. ;p

believe me, all the picture above it not my hair ;D i just suka gaya rambut yang kayak gitua, but you know la kan, how much te perawatan ongkos? bisa ber ratus ratusss ribu rupiah, ada ku mampu? the answer is NO!! tidak Mampu!!

this is short curly hair... 
 why she is cute? *big question
She wear cross chain! suka..sukaaa
than while im post this entry in my there is bisikan bisikan in my heart, ntar Natal make your hair like that! *wink 
yaa..why not if i have cost kan?? u know everything need money!!


  1. yang keempat cantik banget sih.. ahahaha

  2. minta satu buat jadiin pacar...:)

  3. btw tagline nya keren banget :
    Beauty isn't about having a pretty face, it's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.

    Bagusssss XD very inspiring



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