Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ni udah sore.. waa... baru ada waktu update my blog. sayang blog ku so much! i dont know la why im really addicted with this thing... im blogging since 2008, until now..
bakdjadpajdrap.. heii...i dont know what should i typing down.. im blank, im blank because i think something.. 
oeaa.. i got good news la, my Mama have text me, yeaa im at my office and my mama at home, she said that we are going to Toraja! really, ma? so, i wanna join la.. but dont know la, whether i can join or not, im not apply permission to my boss... permission to leave my work it about 2 weeks... naa, i need ur help here, pray for me, for my boss to approve my requesting to leave my work yaa! hehee.. love u all!

1 comment:

  1. Sikit blank, never mind. Kalo sikit-sikit blank, lamo-lamo jadi bukit blank. xixixi.
    God bless you, my Dear



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