Friday, January 4, 2013

Time Don't Flies...!!

                                         Yes.. saya udah mengerti :(

guys, you know why I never update my blog on evening and night? because I have no internet at home, and on night my time to reading book, bible and rest. sometime I go sleep on 08.00 PM :) but still cannot wake up early even already set alarm. Hahaaa..
and also maybe this year I only could update my blog on morning, before 09:30 A.M, why? I have no idea la, I only know internet will off on 09:45 until working time finished, I mean before 2013 I could be on internet selama  working at office but in lately ada keanehan pada internet, dia macet sebelum siang hari.. so I had to hurry update my blog :) sian kan orang gk punya internet dirumah huhuu…
too bad, having laptop and modem is not on my resolution list, I forget tu put them :) LOL! padahal I sengaja.. sekarang I stop wishing to having something if ada rejeki I own them. no worries la, God know my needed.
Puji Tuhan 2013 treating me nice so far, just Galau attack me and drop my tears, Oh Gadd! what wrong with me eh?
here the story why I’m drop tears  on keyboard while I’m typing and chat with someone.
1…2…3… cerita ato gk???  gk usah la it’s to personal for me to write them here.. Hahaa.. sorry make you alls wonder.
intinya, since I’m growing and time flies I still blur how my future will be.. will I have bright future? will I reach my dream? am I afford to give my parents good live on their hari tua? am I already be good daughter for them? am I already be good sister for my sibling? did I still have chance to continue study? can I life on my own foot?  these question just cross on my mind spontaneously.
I don’t know somehow my tears pun jatuhh… olalaa… sinteron abis yaa! LOL!
seriously guys saya menangis!
I said I chat with someone, yes! on that time I was chatting with Konseling Rohani on Pdt. Gilbert Lumoindong’s website.
after I told him my story  he calm me and give me this Bible words.
Dalam Matius 11 Ayat 28- 29.
 11:28 Marilah kepada-Ku  semua yang letih lesu dan berbeban berat, Aku akan memberi kelegaan t  kepadamu. 11:29 Pikullah kuk yang Kupasang dan belajarlah pada-Ku, u  karena Aku lemah lembut dan rendah hati dan jiwamu v  akan mendapat ketenangan.

i have to be more stronger and mendekatkan diri kepada Tuhan.
arrgg… sumpah rasanya gk enakk!! jadilah hidup senang mati tak mauu… hahaa!
Thank you for reading.
God bless you

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