Tuesday, August 30, 2016

3 Tahun. Terima kasih Tuhan

                     Been living here 3 years,  joy and tears become witness that life is not as easy as Mario Teguh's words. but im blessed enough, God presence is always with me
my adik working here as well! Hello world! This is Seruyung site. PT. Sago Prima Pratama  one of Jresources company. By working here we have better life, especially from economy side. Long lasting life Seruyung, God bless us abundantly. 
 Photo not belong to me, i just found it on my computer,  imageimage

Shalom image
Anneong haseyo!  August is one of my special month in my life.

First, on 24 August 2013, im officially become a part Of PT. S*go Prima Pratama, Gold Mine Industry, wohoooo, don’t u think it just too cool? Hee... 

Ladies and gentleman, i’m proudly introduce to you, My little sissy, Helsi Malino, but you can call her with this name , Kontok kontok, LOL. She used to call like that by her coworkers, Kontok-kontok tu kue yang dibuat dari tepung terigu dan gula, u only need 2 ingredients to make it hahahaaaaa

Helsi Malino groufie with her team work. Department Fix Plant. PT. S*go Prima Pratama.White helmet is her Boss, Pak Hendri,

Second, 03 August 2016, my adik also has been working here, PT. S*go Prima Pratama for a year. Thank you Jesus, so this year her will received full TE-HA-ER. Ringan sikit beban aku.. hahaha.God blessing us so much, He sent us working here together, earning life…

                Selamat menempuh hidup baru Teddy Rudimiansyah dan Suci, bahagia berkekalan.
Another thing to be cheer about is, 3 of my  friends, gonna married soon, Mas Teddy Agust , Mas Prima Sept , last  one is our our little sissy, Mawar. She came into my room few days ago and told me, the month and year, date not confirm yet, she told me early for me to set my leave, Hope could attend it. God willing.....
It just a good thing for me if my family, my friend share what their dream, and when they reach it, they share to me as well. God is so sooooo good to us, right?  
If people said it show off, riak, pamer, it just because they are have negative thought, for me good thing we should share, especially for our family,  friends. Right?  Let the world see how God help you bringing your dream, maybe your story could inspire other…

An old photo of me, took on December 2015, i put one of my fav scripture words.   
   3 years being a Gold Miner, definitely not an easy journey for me. Berkat, sukacita,  kerikil, badai, hujan, tanjakan, semuanya ada, but I facing them,… hahaha.  Oh well, Gold Miner I said, biar keyenan dikit, yang betulnya kan Kuli tambang.. Hee… hee

                                                 This also leh, old photo2015. 
 Here is my adik, Helsi Malino, will spaming you with her photo today!

My little Sissy, people said she look alike me,  i think so...

                         With her friends, Faisal. Gefran. Robi Lesmana.

The end, i dont know what gaya is... i'm sure it must a instruction from Kontok Kontok...
they are at Helipad.
I think my post today is too long, so i decide to separate the post,  will blogging soon more about my work, so stick out of  my blog yaa!! He.. heeee

Thank you for reading.

God bless



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