Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aloha! Glad to be back.

             My beautiful Mak, with Bayu Toraja. Merah? Warna kesukaan dikeluarga kami, thats why... merahhhh is everywhere, heheee

Anenong  haseyo!! Glad to be work again. After having holiday, heheee
First day working,  my boss give us free baju bola. First time in my life own baju bola.. yeayyy! It actually for all Dept. Engxxx but the jersey not yet come to site, the team was lost in any game that they joining, hahaa
So, my project during my leave is DIY (Do it yourself) and now i really want to own mesin jahit. I will save money for that. Harap harappp next leave bonus S*go cair.. so i didnt bother my hard earn cash...

Beli bunga, tapi potnya kayu,  dont really like it, akalin, beli kain lace semeter and bunga Mawar, 
Bunga sakura. lumayan murah Rp.50.000.. 

Taaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaa............... Before and After.
Tempat tisu itu Souvenir Mbak Yenni dan Pak Uju.
Botol bekas Selai, cover with lace, jadi juga.. hahahaa

Bantal sofa juga kemarin ganti, beli kain 2 meter dapat 6 bantal, lebihnya bawa ke site buat bantal di ofis. 

Gk bisa bayangin kalo punya mesin jahit sendiri.. uhhh ohhh! maybe i will make so much DIY ya.. hehe

With my kazen, Mytha.. Location : Hutan Mangrove Tarakan.
she want to see Bekantan, aikk,,, Lokasi kerja hutan penuh monyet, cuti Bekantan juga dia mau liat,...... LOL 

The lady with Red shawl is from China, im asking her, did u come here with guide? she answered me, no im alone. i have traveling alone almost a year. wooo.. beraninya! #salute.
 Uuyeee!! i own Jersey, free from my boss. 
Trust me, im an Engineering,. Hahahaa!! No.. 
Dibagi dalam rangka tujuh belasan, tapi.. tapiiii... Jersey belum nyampe site, team Engxx udah kalah dalam semua lombaaa!!!! hahahaa, at least kita dapat Jersey!! hhiiii...hihihi

one more thing, 
Puji Tuhan, on May me and Oppa start running our small bussiness.
and July im on leave, so to kept going my bisness im asked my adik to help me, leaving almost 2 weeks, when im back, she proudly given me her task report, ohh my!!
Look, with lot of colorful sticky note and tulisan cakar ayam!! Good job my adik!! Pening akak!!!!! 


Terima kasih udah baca. God bless us.


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