Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hati yang gembira....

                        Mega Tower!! there will be miracle in our container shortly, it turning into cold room. hehee, for now we can only pray hard wait patiently, gensett coming soon pelisssss! we need u.


Anneong haseyo   

Puji Tuhan, Seruyung was raining today.. all the employer on Pit must be happy for that, no dust.

Been working on pit almost 3 weeks, that open my eyes widely, Oh my gosshh, this is pit, before im so excited when my boss or friend asking me go to Pit, for what? Just to taking photo, selfie, wefie, groupie, but now... almost everyday im on Pit, my office now on pit! i will share my story about that shortly, 

Now just  short story image

So many thing change lately,  hard to believe and difficult  to accepted it, but its life, sometime the only thing i can do is accepted it, its not easy, syusahhhh and i dont get it, why its happened, but im stop question it, cuz sometime life is much easier without asking and find the reason, im just gratitude im still alive and healthy, im surrounded with heart kind people, that’s a blessing,

I was talking with my adik about my memory with my friends, not long time ago we are very close, we have spend beautiful moment especially in serving on church but now we are become like stranger each other, i don’t know why,  and  her question is, why it change? My simple answer is ya thats life, everything will change one day... and the only thing that remain is memory, anyway, thank you my old friend for the beautiful moment we spent together.

But if you asking me what is beautiful the older or my present? My answer is my present of courseimage

I have so much thing to be gratitude each day God love me,  test me, give me little thing that surprising me, bringing me happiness, every day Anjas sent me sweet words image, hahaha im the girl that love romantic man, just in simple way la, like every morning Anjas said Pagi sayang,  i love you, and the night he also sent me the sweet message! But if we are fighting, he only sent me super short message, pagi..   Hmmmm...

For all that happened, im believe God know it, God allow it and God have reason for that.

Like usually, im never updating blog without post  photo.. heheee…

Amsal 17:22
image "Hati yang gembira adalah obat yang manjur, tetapi semangat yang patah mengeringkan tulang image 

Last friday when we was finished doa biston on church, we have share with Pak Happy, Kak Charles, Theo and me, then Pak Happy told us, Anak muda tidak boleh pasang status galau...  uyeeeee! thats teguran yang mengena, Thank you God, You love us so much, and You always have way to giving us advise to be better person.
Puji Tuhan, setelah beberapa hari itu saya belajar didnt make any nonsense status on my media social account, like instagram.. BBM Profil, Wass.. i just updating my status and show my gratitude   image
                      Btw, thank you #B612, i could save my hard earn cash to buy skincare   

My adik, Stevie, Sihombing, Me and Anjas, a very old photo.. hehe no la, photo was taken on December.

                  i said look at my glasses, so cool leh? ngekkk .. i borrow it. hehe 

Karena Ia tahu jalan hidupku; seandainya Ia menguji aku, aku akan timbul seperti emas.
Ayub 23:10 

have a blessed week everyone!

Muchh love,

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