Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hallo March, Gracias February

                                   image  My photo is actually ask u something, hmm..  look at my new glasses and my ring, hahaa

Happy March
Good bye February, thank you for being nice with me.

Dear March 2016, 31 days with you, not a short time, please be nice ya image
Thank you God, for giving me opportunity to life in another month, I do love you God.
Sometime in the night after me praying, before slept, tears are drop on my pillow, its not because im sad or something else, it cuz I was flashback  how was my day, im realize God lovee me so much, He didn’t leave me even a minutes,

And me, uhhhh.. so sad, i could forget pray, I forget to be thank, and the worst is I haven’t join doa biston on Church on Friday for 3 times, im a bad girl.
But youth worship and Sunday worship, I never miss, but now I could only attending second service,

But promise, I will make my self better, yes! Self improvement. Hehe
I found this ayat when im reading my bible, saya suka ayat ini.

Banyaklah yang telah Kaulakukan, ya Tuhan, Allahku,perbuatan-Mu yang ajaib dan maksud-Mu untuk kami.Tidak ada yang dapat disejajarkan dengan Engkau!Aku mau memberitakan dan mengatakannya,tetapi terlalu besar jumlahnya untuk dihitung.
                                                                                                    Mazmur 40:6

Benar, apa yang Tuhan lakukan dan berikan dalam hidup saya sangat sangat besar bahkan saya tidak dapat menuliskan rasa syukurku padaNya,
Terima kasih Tuhan, pujian syukurku hanya bagiMu

 Last night, i went to medic with Anjas, to check up our weight, i lost almost 8kgs, ohh where is my bakpao face gone?  image  

photo : Off to office, and see the group of men was talking talking, yes, in my work area, 80% of employer are men, and all women here are Superwomen, image

Thanks you for reading,




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