Thursday, February 2, 2012

oraaii...iii! I Got TupperWare *Percuma

Shalom.. Morning!!
kiss…kiss.. hug.. hug… im miss so much my blog, yaa.. udah lama ditinggal pergi, jadinya gk terupdate update!! plukk…plukkkkk.. sayang blog!
2012..i will be more active in blogging! hehee… slama masih ada fasilitasnya slama itu lah aku akan aktif, just maybe udah gk kayak yang lalu.. everyday im update my blog, but now, maybe 3 times a week, cuz im busy!! hahaa.. kononlah busy! ok..

this year is lucky year, will be more berkat coming into your life, and all the business will be success, oraiii!! I like that!  im not believe with ramalan ramalan, or such a thing like that, just yaa.. percya la sikit sikit ;P *hahaa! I don’t care la with their ramalan, what I know, mau sukses kerja keras.. and have good attitude! respect parent, and the older… yaa.. its not easy to reach our dream, it need long time, and long journey..  just keep patient, everything have time! 

this is my January 2012 story * in future I will make my perjalanan hidup abadi ;)
26 December 2011 – January 2012 im officially work in Pt. Mustika Minanusa Aurora Juata, cieee.. keren ui ada Juatanya ;p yaa.. keren and the job juga keren, what I say about this company? I say the company is niceeeeeeeee… very nice, but Pt.Misaja Mitra is the most nicest company I had ever work!
I don’t want to compare the company, cuz when im start compare I will complain. so just silent la… silent is diamond!  hope this company will go well and all the employer work nice!
ok… oeaa.. I want sedikit mamer here ;p *kumpauuuu  three day ago I had join quiz on twitter, and im won! yaa im WON!! lets guess, what my  present for this quiz?? my present is TUPPERWARE!! wee.. mahal tu kalo mau beli!! heheee…
now, im just wait it arrived on my hand!! ok.. big thank to Tabloid Bintang!!
and this is my tweet for Tabloid Bintang!!

and now time to say good byee.. thank for reading!!


  1. wah....

    lumayan tuh buat piknik bersama keluarga. hehe

    selamet yah... :D



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