Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Did Mistake.. Very Sorry!

Put guilty face!    

Shalom.. Morning!
everyday is new opportunity for us, you can fix the mistake you did, crated new story,
but, it’s doesn’t mean every new day, we will escape from obstacle, yeaii.. as long as you breath, the obstacle will never end, bersyukurlah kalo masih di berikan kesempatan untuk menghadapi tantangan, cuz God trust you can handle them..!

life nothing without problem, you won’t be strong if you never face the obstacle, the more you face them, the more you get stronger! trust me!
yesterday, I  did a bunch of mistake!! when my  boss *I call all the Chinese who im work with is Boss !
called me, and tell * she is nice boss, she tell me nicely, me all my mistake, Jesus!! why this happened, pengen aja rasanya di telan ma planet2 di angkasa, soalnya, kalo melakukan kesalahan itu, the story will be long! huhu.. I’m shy! and afraid, indeed!
my boss will angry me, *confirm! my salary will be cut * hehee.. pasang muka senyum kambing!
but, as I told you before, everyday is new day to fix the mistake you did! so, I don’t want thinking about it anymore, just running my day today and don’t did the mistake again!! now i'm ready to listen my boss nagging on me, or he will angry, just wait and see, but I hope he didn’t! God help me, touch his heart! *mohon banget!
and now, time to share sesuatu with you…!

tired face....
kemarin aku ubah posisi CPU di meja kerja ku,  biar enak kalo nulis pembukuan, ada space yang free.. look at the book, very huge! ok...
next time will share my activity at office.. hehee...
ok.. makasih udah baca.. da..daaa!


  1. okee .. ditunggu post berikutnya . he

  2. I just nominated you for an award check it out on my blog :D

  3. Jalani segala aktifitas kamu dengan tulus, dan lakukan itu dengan sebaik mungkin.

    Semangka ( semangat kaka ) :D

  4. Biar agak longgaran.. enak buat kerja, ngetik, dan yang gak ketinggalan degerin musik ....

    Bahsa londo.. gakmudengblast!!!



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