Saturday, February 11, 2012

R.I.P Whitney Houston.

Shalom.. Morning!
someone never know when they will be die! what we know just spend our day with love, everyday maybe the last day for us! yaa, Indonesian says *Sungguh Tuhan itu ada,dan kematian itu pasti!
today all people over world says good bye to Whitney Houston! God bless her soul!

as they respect to White Houstan, some of celebrity tweet about her die and it now become trending topic on twitter "R.I.P Whitney Houston".

From Khardashian :

Credit : Google! & Twitter!


  1. yap .. kematian ditangan TUhan .. tapi buat orang percaya kematian gak akan jadi sesuatu yang terlalu mengkhawatirkan ..
    selamat jalan W.Houston
    turut berduka cita //

  2. kenapa musisi-musisi besar dunia banyakyang pergi :(



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