Thursday, February 16, 2012

Naa,...... Loe!!

Shalom.. Morning!
have you read this news? I got heavenly shock after read it, you know why?
cuz I’m a stalker on facebook.. ;p ;p! hehee.. not stalk sembarangan orang ya, im just stalke the famous people, if you a famous people, maybe I ever stalk you profil, but I have leave comment laa.. so, am not really stalker, kan..kann!

after read the news, I immediately download unfriend, for my profil on facebook, when it done, I got notification that there is 35 my  friend requesting  pending… hehee.. saking lamanya, saya lupa kalo pernah add mereka.. uhhh!
dan friend requesting ku ada about 99 person, sorry guys, can’t approve you right now,
cuz I such a choicely person,..  I just afraid have rude, naughty or brutal friends. hope you understanding me!
and now, I want you see what is Unfriend….
unfriend, dia muncul di atas sebelah HOME....
sorry guys!
stalker is actually tergantung ma individu ya, kalo stalking profil orang 
trus  melakukan hal2 yang tidak baik like, melecehkan, mengganggu yang punya profil itu tidak baik, like you see your Ex BF/GF than you found out on her/his profil already have pengganti diri mu, trus u comment on her/his picture *aww i miss you ... or you comment on timeline you say to his girlfried, *may i got you permission to hang out with him!! if you did this, you are totally fool girl, benar2 dah kagak punya harga diri,, and other words say you cari mati, or you want start war begin! ok.. so, i think people can be stalker but the polite stlaker.. if you see picture leave comment or press the *like button.. yaa, leave you print foot la kan!

Thank for reading! 
God bless..

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  1. tulisan yang anda buat sangat menarik, saya juga punya tulisan yang menarik, kamu bisa kunjungi di



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