Friday, March 11, 2016

I miss it but God restore it. Gracias

 did u notice our difference?  hmmm... like our foot


If you havent listen Grezia song Tetap Setia, you better listen it now,.

There are two song now become my fav song, first is Tetap Setia, this is an old song la,  so if im being worship leader on our oikumene Seruyung, i will pick up that my favorite song, Tetap setia, but mostly people know if we said Selidiki Aku...

Im trying to sing Tetap Setia, Grezia song but my voice didnt afford to sing that, hahaha

Thats why im now working hard to training, hope that one day,  i can sing well.. hehe, nothing impossible lho if you train hard. Tak mengapa sekarang diketawain kalo bilang saya latian.......

Thank you for those support me, that  encourge me.

Few weeks ago, my schedule to be worship leader, but that moment I was dealing with big problemo, duarrrrrrr.. and im asking my adik to replace  me, heii one thing u had to know is climbing mountain easier than tarik dia untuk pelyanan, if you said pelayanan dilakukan dengan kerelaan hati, different with me, itu suatu keharusan, but this rule I didn’t apply to other just me and my adik,  other is not my  own bussines la.

Puji Tuhan, 3 days before rehearsal day she said Yes kak muda,

 but  don’t be happy, a day before rehearsal she change her  mind, she said she wont, ngekkk. I had to pujuk with all my heart, at least I give support la, I said don’t said u cant, u can! Don’t worry, many people will help u, there are Pak Djend Lumondo, senior worship leader, Pak Dibyo, Theofilus, Mas Herda and Abang, they are support u. singer Dery.. and she said ok.

So, that night we go la.

The rehearsal I can say going smoothly la, just there is a normal thing that bringing her down, but her mental are good enough.  Thank you for all the team that help us.  And Pendeta yang melayani waktu tu our Pdt. Yakobus Tandi L from GPSI El-Shaddai 8 who serving as Preacher.

And me, im guilty, that my duty but why I give to my adik, and im trying to fix and minta ampun ma Tuhan, maybe it sound funny for u, but seriously im guilty, God give me opportunity to serving Him but im reject. Saya sangat bersalah. and when im finished working, I open my computer check who will be the minister for next Sunday., Derry Ega, but he working on night shift, before I meet him, im praying God if you forgive  me, u will give me another change to serve You, and I was walking to my mess, I saw Derry, told him, Dery, this week is your duty to be Worship Leader, he said I cant, im working on night shift, and I told him how about if I replace u? and he said Yes. The day after tomorrow I told Stevie if I will replace Dery, Stevie said Ok. 

Puji Tuhan, this is what the Angel song said, Selalu ada jalan…

 Also, that week im become so lazy, I skip doa biston, dan tertambah tambah lagi rasa bersalah, not once but twice, week 1 my excuse is im tired, week 2, im was on Pit, and I didn’t back to mess to rest,  im rest on Pit, see the blasting. Heheee. Always, alasan!! Hiiiii

But God restore all the miss opportunity that I missed.

Thank you, God, another change was gone but You always give me another change.

Kasih Mu tiada tara nya.

1 Korintus 10:13
Pencobaan-pencobaan yang kamu alami ialah pencobaan-pencobaan biasa, yang tidak melebihi kekuatan manusia. Sebab Allah setia dan karena itu Ia tidak akan membiarkan kamu dicobai melampaui kekuatanmu. Pada waktu kamu dicobai Ia akan memberikan kepadamu jalan ke luar, sehingga kamu dapat menanggungnya.

and here, after serving, cuz that a special moment,  i want make blog post about it, and here the photo, heee  
my adik as my photographer, we havent  posing steady already snap, pheeww  (ノʘ‿ʘ)ノ

wait ya, Anjas look at the camera,  give ur sweet smile..
Oppa, sarangheo image

I love you, God.

Thank you for all You done in my life.
And funny photo.. dont know what to say...  tengok ja
 Pak Dibyo lho.. aiyaa...  is that Cherrybelle style?  image hihiiii...

 i dont get why Pak Petrus Sulo laughing  so big

 did u know what the name of the sling  bag his wearing? thats, Sepuk,  traditional bag of Torajaness,  kalo di kampung Sepuk itu dipake nyimpan sirih, oleh nenek nenek, but those day all ages wearing it. included me, saya beli kemarin waktu cuti ke Toraja.


terima kasih udah baca,

#spread love as much as possible...

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