Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sesuatu Banget

ekekee.. this picture nothing to do with my entry :P!

haiiii… haiii.. :) :) in lately I try win some contest , and Praise The Lord, the lucky be in my side! Syahrini will says this #Sesuatu banget! and I also have join Firmoo’s program, that’s they will sent a pair of glasses to blogger, as the return they sincerely asked blogger who received they glasses to review it. sound great, right? so, why don’t you join this program. click here if you want know more about firmoo. and Dotsemarang contest blog, about wisata impian..! please, drop some love in my entry

 in every contest or giveaway I joined, I do hope that’s I will be chose to be the winner ;p,
and when the result out and I’m not the winner, I will says like this * ohh lucky, why you not be in my side, I really want the price of contest! but I never angry la, after asked Miss Lucky, I told my self * Susan, try again, there will be more giveaway in future, keep your eyes ahead! kuku..kukuuu!!
but when I’m the winner, I will make announcement  to make all people around world know that I won giveaway! ha..haaaa…! #Kamseupayy yaa… Angel on Putih Abu2!
and now, I wait my price from Miss Luelue, and Firmoo. after they arrived on my hand, I will talk about them, and my previous price…! 

then, if you holding giveaway or contest let me know yaa! :) ok.. byee..byee,,
thank for reading. 
God bless


  1. semoga menang kontesnya ya :D

    bedewe, kalo menang dapat apa?

  2. Amin! Makasi yaa.. kalo menang hadiahnya macem2 :) ada uang juga lho :)



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