Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spontaneous & Galauneous

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morning! alohaa! cherrr!!
now, am watching LIE TO ME, the story make my heart flowery, why?? cuz the story is romantic gitu… hahaaa!! suddenly di attack ma diseases desire want to be in love with someone badly! gad help!! I’m such a girl who hard to find love, when I was on school my friend udah  3 – 5X putus and find the love and  I still with same story, unkown relationship. I’m date with Friendster (Ni terkenal pas zaman2 aku SMK) , facebook, twitter  and blog! poor on me! salah siapa?? entah..  so, to make me happy, just watch kisah kisah romantic di tipi… mau di bilang kelainan? better don’t! tapi kisah romantis gitu cuma ada di Tipi…kan..kann!! siapa ahli cinta share dong kisah romantic kamu hadiahnya ke paris lho sama pasangan :P *iklan ponds!! this entry spontaneous, so don’t say am weird girl yaa ;) as my entry before, I had account on Pinterest, and I found a lot of cute picture there.. so, I will share them here :)
check it out yaa!!
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i love this hair style.... one day i bet i can make it

don't you thin they are adorable??
comment? nice..classy!

cute arr

guys, you know..skarang aku lagi kena penyakit, selain watchin romantic drama, I also let my nails long because I would love polish my nail...;p
cuz i won this giveaway from beauty blogger Closet Voyage.. and the prize are cosmetic.. waa.. lucky am i, kan?? sure kalian ada yang jelly gituu,,  akakak.. next time join la giveaway... who's know, lucky be in your side...!
naa, see my prize on her hand!! i can't to wait  received them...!
this prize will shipping from Australia lho.. so pertama dalam hidup ku dapat kado dari luar negeri, suatu kebanggaan & berkat khusus buat aku..
thank you very much God, you blessed me!!
i will blogging about this after semua hadiah ku ditangan.. skarang lagi nunggu 3 hadiah dari luar negeri... yaa..sabar yaa!! asli dari luar negeri!!
ok.. sekian entry untuk hari ini..entry Spontaneous & Galauneous!! kacau ni otak!!
Millions thank for reading!
 God bless!!


  1. nanti kukunya jadi banyak warna.

  2. ahahaha, jd tmbh cntk tu kukux..
    berbagi join yu di http://dakobar.blogspot.com/ ntar di join balik dh..:)



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