Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Alohaa! kikukk.. blog terbengkalai gara2 hunting giveaway! ok, as my promised before, I will talk about that, but the prize still on the way, so, waitlah until I got them!*kayaknya janji mulu ya, hihi.. i will full my words, after i ready!! ;)
i won Paket Cantik Pond's Tabloid bintang, Luelue, HotFunStuff,Closet Voyage, so far.. will be more in future! ;)
and out of topic *giveaway & contest, oea, i also wait announcement from here! still there is time to drop some love, please!
naa, guys, have you create account in Pinterest? few's day ago i had requested invitation from Pinterest, i dont know actually what pinterest about, tapi rasa penasaran yang tinggi like gunung Everest, i try la..then, yesterday i got email they sent me invitation. Thank you so much! *i couldn't stop be thankful here :) and udah join gitu, alamak!! i dont know how to use it! pok..pok..pokk...! there are much of words that i not familiar with, example *Pin, Created Board, Etc..hahaa.! tapi udah rasa puas soalnya udah punya akun di pinterest & dari 13** teman di facebook, only 3 my friend who already in Pinterest!!dan skarang, liat apa yang ada si Pinterest!

pinterest invitation, how do i got pinterest invitation, cara daftar di pinterest
this is VIP Invitation ;p ;p ;p
yaaa..thank you! *again!

  enough! i don't know what to say anymore :) ideaku manaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
yaa.. yang aku tau di Pinterest tu there a muchhhh photo2 yang cantik!! 
ok.. Makasi udah baca.
Many blessing. Love!



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