Monday, March 12, 2012

Kau Sombong,! Gk Teman....

Right_ the girl who texted me ;)

Hii. Shalom!
Alohaa.. where you have been Susan? Dont't tell me that now you getting lazy to update your blog? Hi..Susan are you still blogger?? yaa..yaa..ya! i'm not go anywhere, i'm just busy in this month, that's why im never update my blog anymore...and no, am not lazy update my blog, i've been blogger since 2008, kalo skarang udah malas, ehh takde makna *orang Melayu! yes, op koz am still blogger...!

My friend texted me, *my classmate on SMKN 2 Tarakan. she said *Begaya kau skarang yaa!
i answered her, Mak aii... mana ada!
but still ngotot says i'm begaya... and jawab lagi *memang pun, nda prnh kau sms ku apa lg
mw sms dluan! ok bee.. sorry, very sorry! memang aku ni type yang pemalas mau ber_sms2, kalo mau nanya kabar aku use facebook ajaa..  I don’t know la, what virus yang attack me, sampe kan mau sms aja malas… lagipun, aku ni jarang berpulsaa..aku gk punya pulsaaaaaaaaaaaa!
did you believe if satu bulan pemakaian pulsa itu, kadang only Rp.20.000.. yaa, pemakaian pulsa ku tu kadang segitu ajaa… dan it’s the reason why am rare/never text you… hehee.. I’m  such a economic person!
ok.. beebee Yuli, sorry yaa, am not arrogant or forget our friendship , tapi itulah, just because I’m rarely replyor sent you text doesn’t mean I forget our friendship…!
aku masih seperti yang dulu.. hohoho.. no, am change right now.. now I’m a Superwoman!
hehee *ngawurrr…! ok!
daa..daaa…daaa.. makasi udah baca!
God bless!


  1. Wah blog nya bagus kak , salam kenal ya , :)

  2. hmmmm... tp jangan juga gak pernah say hello sama sahabat..hehe skali2 perlu loh...hehe

  3. Hi.. Opening Giveaway :) Jom Joint lily..

  4. ketawa baca ini hihihi
    wah hemat bgt ya mbak, sebulan bisa hanya 20rb:)

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  6. kunjungan sob ..
    salam sukses selalu .:)



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