Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Lolobua!

 Happy. birthday... happy birthday! happy birthday!!
Makasi buat kuenya :P :P *hasil rampokon dengan motif sengaja

Shaloom.... Salama!
hii... pejam celik pejam celik! waa.. this is 2012 la!! time is rocketing! Happy birthday my dearest blog... lolobua.blogspot.com! my address blog is weird, i use my surname ;p why do i use my surname?
biar enak dikenal gituu ;). i have been blogging since 2008, and i got a lot of experience..!
i created my blog cuz* Mr. Rajabi, S.Pd my teacher asked us to created a blog, its about lesson at school, and i created one for me, and until now i'm still active here.. what i can say about blogging, is.. Fun and best!
so guys, if you have no blog yet, why don't you create one,its easy... ya very easy!

Special thank to all blogger who support me, millions thanks! keep support me yaa!
and here is my prayer during my blog's birthday!
My first entry.. lumayan remuk..remuk!!
Dear God,
Thank for all your kindness in my life, thank for show me this other world,  blogging world, thank for give me wise to created a very cute blog, sorry for all the complaining so much all the time i make, and forgive my sin if i have make entry and it gossiping, or make someone hurt, its not my mean to hurt their feeling, i just expressed my feeling toward them. keep bless meand also my friend over world.. thank you God. In Jesus name, Amen!

ok.. da..daaa!
God bless!


  1. are you interested in link exchange

  2. wih, brarti umur blognya udah 4 tahun ya :o
    adminnya pasti udah tua banget ya :D

  3. waha, congratz sister :)
    wish your blog the best .. hihi

  4. @ All : makasi yaa.. hehe.. blum tau gan, masih muda ko' :)

  5. makasih ya kak udah follow Alika alika follow balik yaa :)



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