Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aloha From Seruyung


Apa kabar semuanya?  Baik baik ya..

Saya pun baik baik. Puji Tuhan hidup semakin membaik, dan semakin matang.. dan semakin menua ^^

Fyi, tomorrow I will be on field break, makan tidur la kerja saya tu kalo di rumah. But no, I had big mission, I would like to train my self be disiplin dalam semua hal, manage waktu, pemilihan makanan yang sehat, and sport.. hehe and of course, bermain dengan mixer, microwave, baking and cooking.. hihii

Cant wait lho being home.  Cooking, clean up home, laundry, watching, having big laughter with my family, ahhh I miss that moment  badly.

i love taking photo, whatever on my depan mata if i think i should took it, i will.. and too often i heard people around me call me gila foto, narsis,.. but thats ok, they dont know im blogger, they dont know if i need new photo to post on my blog, every photo i took has it story behind. 
kaya gini..

         Mba Nur, Me and Ros.. this photo taken on Environment Day, 

                     on my way to go working.. mehh kit wefiee... meh meee.... :)
                                                         Me, Mbak Nur, and Pujita.

Ibadah Raya, Jemaat Oikumene Seruyung, ruang kesaksian,  dan Pak Happy, Stevie, Pak Jems, Theo present a song. Ajaib Kau Tuhan..

To be happy, you dont need  everyone to be your friend, and no need force someone to be part of their life. just be with who truly love you and want accepted you the way you are.. and the most important is help you be better person. 
poto lama, ibadah Paskah Jemaat Oikumene Seruyung.. 
selesai hitunga pundi pundi, langsung rebutan kotakan :D

 Me and Engke, i can say Spartacus mess is the most beautiful mess in Seruyung...

 Present and ole2 From Sayang AG. see the Chocolate Roka, we was excited told me, Yank i bring chocolate for you, i bought in Balikpapan, and me see it, Oppa, this is colkat Malaysia ba, he answer me, i dont know.. hahaa..
his face when he told me just.. i dont know to describe it..
he know im love all about Korean, few days before he leave home, back to site, he BBM me and said, yank i had bought u baju korea, on my mind is... dress.. 
ok, but he bought me Blazer, i love it.. and the color is my fav color. thank you Oppa,,
he also bought me Silver Queen a box.. haha..
i need a month to finished it. i had keep it one on my cupboard, will bring it go to Tarakan.. gk tega habisinnya.. and the Hello Kitty, i told him.. oppa, im not into Hello Kitty, he said protes mulu.. hehee
kursum Oppa..


 ole2 Pak Kodrat.
 ole ole Pak Maruli
ole ole Pak Deny, 
 ole ole Pak Hotdin. Roti O ..
 me and Hasra, my team work.. he is black lho.. haha

Alohaa From Seruyung!

Terima kasih Tuhan Yesus untuk semua  karya Mu dalam hidupku, terima kasih untuk kasih setia Mu yang tak ada habisnya menyertai kehidupan ku.

oia, i had change my email address,
if you have something to asked, dont be hesitate contact me here : San.lolobua@gmail.com

God bless this place.
Pt. S*go Prima Pratama.

Thank you for reading.
Much Love

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