Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Good Bye..


Puji Tuhan, bonus Sago dah cair, that’s my rejeki, talking about bonus its something yang u cannot berharap lebih, dapat Puji Tuhan gk dapat ya jangan kecewa, cuz bukan rejeki maybe, but what I see when company give us bonus there will be perang dunia happening, hahaa.. is like yang dapat senyum until reach ears, but yang gk dapat memaki and marah2, I know cuz I reading their status on media social, and yaa its depends on individual la kan, ada yang ok that not my rejeki ada yang pokok ehhh harus dapat, apapun terima kasih Sago..

So, kemarin was the last day my boss on site with us, Pak Winner dah resign from Sago, sedehhh.. cuz he is very nice to us, if he return from field break he bringing us Bolu Amanda, and sometime he spend us Nasi Kuning and gorengan from Nunukan, and he is the only boss in our Dept yang always share laughing with us.. on rest time, he will took us the packmeal, cuz we having lunch in office, and he is always the first person who lunch, cuz doctor not allow him to eat some food… he lunch on 11 : 00 AM and on rest time he will  playing COC…

A day before he leave, we had snap some photo, just not all Staff and Crew ada, sebagian cuti di lapangan, dan masuk malam kerjanya, so yang ada aja itu yang poto..

 From left, Pak Ikrar (Mine Geo) Pak Irwan, Pak Deni P, Me, Pak Boss Toms Tom, Pak Winner, Pak Zul, Pak Yohanes (Boss baru kita) Pak Kodrat,..yang gk ada staff Eng, Pak Maruli, Pak Hotdin, and Pak Afif... 

Pak Yus dan Pak Win.. their have Kantong Doraeomon, u get my mean?? ^^

Me, Pak Deni, Pak Winner and Stevie.. Poto From Pit Seruyung..
 Pak Boss Toms... paling sedih ditinggal Pak Winner,.. 

Thank you Pak WIn for being a part of us for while, God bless you, and all the best for your journey ahead.

Thanks For reading,
God bless
Much Love

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