Thursday, May 3, 2012

Waktu Ku Kecil

Alohaaa! peeps, last night my sister was open all our old album in buffet, and i asked her, *What are you looking for? with  galau face, she answered me, i'm looking for my childhood picture, i mean my poto jadul.. gaddd! what kind of virus attack her mind yaa? normally, dia anti mau ngeliat poto jadul with excuses old picture is embarrassing... .
and she also show me her senior profil picture on facebook, she take her lappy and show me *ehh look my senior, lagi keren ni pake poto jadul" ohh..gitu ceritanya.. she want use her old picture as PP on her account facebook, no wonder sibuk nyari poto2 jadulnya, but too bad, she did not found one, ada si, tapi gk sesuai dengan seleranya..., siann dehh , cuz when she was small, she was feminine, but now she  become someone else, she turn to tomboy **FAKTOR APA?? #don'taskme 
than i asked her permission to use her lappy #poor me, i have no lappy, everytime i want use it, i have to asking her permissioon.. huhuhu

 i open all her folder, and i found some of mine, yiihaii! i tried to make her jelly, *look there is my picture, and you don't, mama have no camera when you was small, you lahir jaman batuu..tuut! #evilvoice
trus, liat poto2 lama di lappynya, aku jadi ingat ma my flashdisk,  oyaa, aku ada simpan tu di fd ku,!!
dan hari ini i make entry about my old picture.
 me & my sister.... hahaaa, bonekanyaa jadulllll banget!!

 This is my sister, mak aii, her eyes too big!! 
 naaa, ini yang my sister  ketemu tapi gk sukaa, this taken @ Toraja.
its mee :) since kecil udah pake poni... you know the reason why i have pony? cuz i have biggg...... :) cari tau sendiri. mama! ada juga potonyaa... taunnya jelas di dinding, ni diambil di gereja, @Keningau.

 i love my shoes here.
 taun 90an keren juga yaa?? 
 ada yang aneh ma potonya....?????
 Sister  & Mama.....
 time is rocketing, gk kerasa skarang kami udah dewasa, but i can't deny sometime i dont see *kedewasaan on myself! hehee...! yaa, sempga kami menjadi anak2 yang baik, #God bless my family.
thank you for reading.
Many blessing.


  1. jadul abisz sist.....sayang banged sayah ga ada nemu poto2 jadul keq gini. Ever Green !!!

    oya,banner sayah dah bisa comot tuh....cek ke 'tekape' ya sist.makasih

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog it's really valuable for me. From Smart People it's rialy happened in india, i hope you'll injoying other post

  3. mantap..,
    jadi keingat masa kecil ;)) hikssss.
    salam kenal ya..
    di tunggu follbeknya.

  4. wow! makes you walk down memory lane! :))
    thanks for visiting my blog. hope you join my giveaways :))


  5. Questbook Susan ga' ada yaa, knp ?

  6. benar-benar komplit foto jadulnya :)



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