Thursday, August 11, 2011

Derek Bieber

Who is Derek Bieber? Why its trending topic on  twitter? jejejee.. everyone wanna know who is DEREK BIEBER... im personally have no idea about Derek Bieber, i thought he is new star or Justin Bieber family... hahaha! Wt!!!  naa, i really wanna know who is Derek Bieber, i asked some people on twitter, i aked them, * who is Derek Bieber.. and they answer me... they are so nice peeps!
naa, this is the way how i know Derek Bieber 

im asking with them..
And this the answer of my question :)
hahhaa.. thats awkward moment when all people think Derek Bieber is exist! so, now, u already know who is Derek Bieber, right? He is Justin Bieber, just he fool around with paparazzi who following him! haahaa.. this is the video if u want to know more hit here!! anyway, Good job Justin! X x
naa, special thank to Megan And Caroll.. follow them guys!

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