Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Olaa February 2017. Thanks January 2017

                      No my adik, it not polite to step on my heels!! mahall tuuimageimage
Shalom image
Ollaa February 2017. Be better than Jan ya..!
Jan17 not bad to me la, it treat me very well..  im fight with Oppa only 2x, ngehehehe, my salary after longgggggg holeeday still reach 4J. Oppa bringing me to meet with his family. I work on night shift only 5 nights, awesome, isnt it? And im ready for February, where i’ll work for 8 nights, i hate it, but i need the money.. hahahaa.. the struggle is real guys!!

boss, can i only work on day shift?? Hahaa.. mau kena warning letter keknya ni...
#hope no sago-er reading my blog. Ok!

This year, im 27 years old, been working almost 7 years, 4 years in Sago, 3 years with Oppa, so scaring with these number, 27 years old? And stil single, i need to take doa puasa i guess LOL.... i tell u something silly thing ya, actually i want to married on 27 years old, was la.. i think it a ideal age, where im mature enough to life my own life, having good, patient, hardwork husband, romantic and so sweet husband, hahaa.. iya lho, every girl dream life like that.... but the actual nya kan,  hanya Tuhan yang tahu, berdoa aja dan hidup sebaikbaiknya, percaya jodoh kita juga baik. Heyaaaa! Im trying convince my self...

God is sooooooooo good  to Bapak n mak are in good health,i’m  work with enough salary to full our needed, in company im just on small position, semut ja, but im my family im some one, to those who are backbone for their family, must understand what i mean, i dont care whenever i heard people told me, waaa work in night so.. bla.. ihh.. lala.. laaa what i know im work and get paid. Selesai cerita.
 And also  I have oppa who always be my side, walaupun kekadang we are ignoring each other, but the one who make our small problem bigger is me. Yeaa laaa.. normal for a girl being like that. Haha
I told him, dont message me, so he dont. In the night before go sleep i cek my phone, no message from him, i’ll message him, “good leh, no message me whole day! Duhh, this is embrassing thing actually that i need to change it. And the worst is i always give him Silent treatment, if there is problem i dont tell him.. so me acting like an stupid princess that need human being to understand me, hahaaa... ini juga harus diubah.
And this is my oppa.. he didnt know if i took his photo, kita baru temanan di Facebook kemarin, hehee
2017 juga much more moree lopee.. lopeee.. 

Pokoknya 2017 saya harus lebih baik la, I may not be as goog as malaikat, but i will do my best.
Dear February 2017,...
May your journye with me fullest with blessing, happiness, good health, and my bussiness lancar jaya.. amin!

this for you...
Thank you for reading.

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