Saturday, February 27, 2016

Haloo. Makassar. Pisang Epe

As my promise in previous post that i will continue update my blog about my holiday on Tana Toraja, thats not holiday maybe, cuz im back to my own village, Toraya Maballo ♥‿♥

 Puji Tuhan, God allow me, the queen my Mommy and my younger sister to back,
gathering with my family on Toraja, Parinding and Buntulobo.
 Thats a blessing for me (◕‿-)
 less words ya, i have no much word to said, hehe
Halooo... apply little make up, hehee
                          Halo Abang  (✿ ♥‿♥), may i know, what on your mind?  we only meet on airport, after that i went to Makassar and he went home, Balikpapan..

 why mama's face is so pale? maybe she is plane sick... same with me,
just me force my face to look steady, hahaha

And here...  Pantai Losari, the famous beach that you should visit when you come to Makassar.
Im Torajaness la.
Ok, i go to Alphabet A and  u took  my photo, 
A is Anjas, but see im not ready yet but the  girl already  press button snap... phewww!
it is, Pisang Epe! yummy (^_−)☆

so, from airport, kita numpang Pak Syamsudin my boss and 2 my coworker, and on car im kept asking them, where is trans studio? where is pantai losari? is it far from.... and where i can find and so much questions i give them, and the driver answer me, do u ever visit makasar before? me : no i never, he smile and answer me, seemingly you are curious with everything here, and Pak Syam said, ohhh i will bring you to Pantai Losari, i thought i just near only need 30 minutes from perwakilan Bintang Prima, so me happily annswer ok, lets go.. and, guess how long to reach Pantai from perwakilan? i dont even remember that cuz me already get car sick.. hahahaaa..  kita kena traktir Makan Pisang Epe, FYI, all the kue made from pisang is my favorite, but the most is Sanggar, sometime Anjas said im a Lindo Sanggar ★~(◠‿◕✿) i know few must visiting place in other city, berkat baca blog, and the power of stalking IG. hehe


nyari makan malam seputaran perwakilan Bintang Prima,
ini dia, dengar bunyi engine on, mabuk attack me!!
tiket Makassar TOraja, Rp.150.000, nyaman la pokoknya, ada bantal lucu ma guling lucu, plus selimut.
dari makasar jam 10.00 nyampe Toraja jam 7 lewat...
sambung lagi dari Rantepao ke kampung mama, sekitar 30 minute, bayar Rp150.00,
jadi sesampainya kita di Rantepao, kita akan disambut dengan para ojek dan mobil umum, silakan pilih, jangan lupa nego sebelum  mengiyakan :)

My mama, adek.
me always dari belakang... haha

to be continue..
Terima kasih,

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