Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Number Lho :)


Happy Sunday!

Today is the day where we as Christian going to church to worship and hope you guys go and worship Him with all your heart.

So, today I would like to announce that I’m officially change my phone number..

I have been using my phone number since 2006, and last night I change it..

Truth to be told, this is one of the hardest decision for me to decided.. hee

Tukar…gak..tukar…gak..tukar…gak….change or not.. yes or not…not or yes..yessss!
my old number,,, thank your for being my loyal friend for 8 years.. i would never forget pur journey :)

Thank your for your dedication foo 8 years, I would never forget our journey :)

Maklum am the person yang malas gonta ganti number, and am still using Telkomsel, Kartu AS, it said smart people choice Kartu AS, he.hee not smart but economic! Sent 1 message got 10 free sms…

And another story..

Last night when I was resting in my bedroom, my officemate coming to took her book, I have borrow her book, My Stupid Boss, ouwee… I couldn’t imagine if I have boss like Bossman, soooo miserly and so stupid but funny…

My officemate that I mean is Miss Liea..

So, when we are talking .. and curhat curhat…. biasa la pompuan kann semuaa di cerita, *_*

she look at my wall, (my wall full of decoration, and colorful) :

And saying :

*kau orangnya tertutup…

*memilih dalam berteman… hanya mau dekat ma yang buat kamu nyaman..

*menanggung beban.. and your hard to crying but when u crying is mean that ur burden is really heavy…

*your pretending to be strong, but the truth is no (exactly true, no matter how heavy my burden, how biggos my problem, I never show to people)

And much more…..

That’s true.

So easily for her to read me.. she study Psychology, so no wonder la if she know how to *read* people.

Am not perfect. And I don’t need to be perfect cuz being I am is enough, I have bless life, health family, good job and I live in miracle.

Miss Li is the good partner to share problem, she did not solve problem, but help to find the solution.

I never worry what people wanna talking about me, what people gonna saying, and how they gonna treat me, what I worry are :

I worry if I couldn’t make my life meaningful,

if I couldn’t full my dream

if I couldn’t make my parent proud having me.

If I couldn’t be the good example to my sibling..

And I couldn’t be blessing to them.

But thank you to God, all the thing that I worry is never happened. So me worry for nothing.


Thank u for reading.

God bless


  1. telkomsel emang sinyalnya paling kuat

  2. Salam Susan! Lama tak dengar cerita!

    Btw, maw share sama Susan. Di Malaysia, jika mahu tukar ke rangkaian telefon yang lain, bisa tukar rangkaian tanpa perlu tukar nombor telefonnya. Jadi, kita bisa simpan nombor telefon kita selama-lamanya, tapi bisa tukar rangkaian yang kita pakai.

    8 years. Lama benar tu.

  3. @Elsawati Dewi paling kuat dan murah kan :)

    @Aziri : Salam Aziri.
    Iya lama skali gak ada kabar..
    bagus kalo gitu, di Indonesia belum ada layanan kayak gitu.
    tapi ini alasan saya tukar nomor karena saya mau tukar no.. hehe

    salam dari Indonesia.



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