Friday, April 4, 2014

Thank You God. I'm Blessed.


olaa.. anneong haseyo!!

life is struggle, life is blessing and life will be wonderfull if you know how to be thankful and how to spend your time, and with whom u should spend it. *am deserve for standing applause here : ) :)

so, talking about my life, one word could describe me is amazing! ku hidup dalam mukjizat.
well, i have watching in tv, a priest speech and He said *those day if you talking about miracle, people will laughing on u, why? cuz they did not believe if the miracle still happening. but for me it's still there as long as i believe...  and of course the only God could make it. 

oea.. i wanna ^^
currently am working in mining, ciee tambang emas.. hahaa 
and living far from my family.. Oyeaa am a big girl! could standing on my own foot is a sesuatuu and am proud of my self.

tau la kan kalo kita kerja, is not always make us happy.. jangankan senang senyum aja something it become the hardest thing to do. 
and you must be smart to cover your sadness behind ur smile.. oh God!
aku udah pernah rasakan hal itu dan it really hurt. gk enak la pokoknyaa...
tapi bersyukur skali kalo aku alami hal itu tapi masih bisa bertahan, yes i'm alive.
so, maybe u wonder how do i live right now, if i have problem with whom i share.. if i have trouble with whom i asked to help me find the solution.. i told u now, i share with some of my friends, and God!
God is my Holy Father... i know he test me just to make me stronger but sometime i complain cuz the test he given is hard.. hehe

and saya juga bukan manusia yang baik.. saya slalu mengeceawakan.. menjengkelkan.. banyak cincong, sometime i talking too much.. kadang si diam jugaa.. so depends on la, kalo banyak kerjaan ya diem aja,.. and i never blame my self.. kalo gak bisa ya try.. if fail try.. if fail again, i give it try once more... sampai i success doing it, and  i never stop learning... 
for me as long as am young.. akk akkkk i should develop my self... my knowledge... gain as much as possible experience and be the best of my version.
i told u once, am not good person but i try to be the best.. i did not force my self but i told my self we can be the best.
Bisa menjadi yang terbaikkk selama ada kemauan dan keinginan and action, do not talking only la... okk

#my curhat is so ambu radulll.. pembahasan dari utara ke timur.. hahaa
so, my rest time was finished and i should continue kerjaaaa... :)

newest pictures from me and people around me.. 

i have super flawless skin??? hell no, haha.. big thank to Camera 360.
am working and asked my officemate to snap my picture.. ok am working! not facebooking..
my boss just return from field break.. and asked us to taking picture with him.. narsis pak Sam!
                     not only Pak Sam, but also my boss Mr. Tom and crew base control...

This is Miss Perlin Bubun..  Grade Control Clerk...
Operatorr.... this picture taking while we did P5M... me standing front of them.. 

terima kasih udah baca...

hidup adalah perjuangan.
lakukanlah yang terbaik. jadilah berkat buat orang lain.

salam from Seruyung!

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