Thursday, September 29, 2016

2 tahun dah Oppa!

                                                                            dulu dulu....

Today. 29 Sept 2016, remind me two years ago when Anjas came to my home for the first time.
He was on leave before flight to Balikpapan, he drop to my home.
My syarat gitu sebelum pacaran, kerumah dulu.


I told him, come to my home meet with my parents first, then i will give you my #yes i do words. He full it and 29 Sept 2014 we are officially in relationship. 2 tahun dah!

Terima kasih  Oppa,
buat  cinta & sayang...
Selamat hari jadi kita Opaa, 2 tahun!
Tuhan Yesus memberkati <3

                                                                                                   I love you.
Aku mau coklat oppa....!!!!!

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