Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kuberjuang, dan Kau dapati aku tetap setia


We will never know what tomorrow could bringing us, tomorrow is better than today? I don’t trust these words, what I know is anything could happened,

If God allow us to life today. Why don’t we make today is better? (:

Smile each other, helping each other, appreciated what we have,  put our self humbled, and speak politely, and spread love as much as we could.

Such as simple thing, but im sure sometime is hard to do, if we asking ourself why I cant? We have reason for that.  Hahaaa, i know.

Love is beautiful, life is wonderful.

Seumur hidupku akan melayani Mu, ya Tuhan dan Rajaku, saya menanti janji dan saya percaya semua yang terbaik akan saya terima,.

 thank you God for loving me.
Dear God,
 may Your hamba asking for something?
please, putting the right people around me, You know with them, i could life my live full of laughter,  cheerful, and happiness.


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