Thursday, January 19, 2012

Work For Fun?? ayoyoyoo

What is your point to go work? to be rich or just for fun?....
this is my dream yaa!!

like usually, when im work and I have nothing to do, I will browsing using office computer, hehee..saya mana ada lappy *sian kan??  I had found something that talk about work and rich! waouu… work and become rich, but not all worker is rich, ada juga yang pas pas*an..  kerja bepuluh puluh taun tapi hidup sederhana! itu baik dari kerja setaun udah kaya melimpah2, usut punya usut ehh tersangka Corruptor  uh.. what a shame!

im personally have my own answer about this question..

im work to be rich or work just for fun? *what? work for fun!! yaa.. this is maybe for anak anak rich! and  not for me, indeed! im work for survival, im still single, but its doesn’t mean aku gk makan dan gk butuh biaya hidup!! now im work as Admin Purchasing at Pt. M**** M**** A****, my gaji not big, cukup la, and my work not berat, just something make me can’t sleep, especially when my boss asked me to prepared a data or report to him, and im take a long time to done it! hehee.. im such a slow worker ;p

but, lucky am I, I have very nice boss, and I always bring in my prayer before im start running my day, I pray for my self, my family, my country and my work, lets everything going smoothly and I’m blessed!

Im realize up, everything I have now I belong to God, He just let me borrow and one day He will take them.. so, as long as I have time to enjoy it I will enjoy it, wont make it useless!

im now 21 years old, *im getting older la..! naa, I told my self, *Susan you had to focus on your life, for your future, don’t mind other business, don’t lets people dragging your life down, follow your dream, remember *what you thing and believe you can get it! and don’t forget to make Jesus as your savior, come close to Him, and put your life in His hand!! He had prepared very light future to you!!

naa, what is your job is not the matter, the matter is what is your done, be nice you will have nice life, be bad you will have bad life, so easy!!

ok… that my ceramah today, thank for reading! God bless!!


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  3. hehe saya setuju :) dan hendaknya pekerjaan didasari dengan niat ikhlas dan cinta :)

  4. what a nice english ..
    salam kenal Susan Lolo Bua
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  5. kunjungan hangat.. kunjung balik ya. jangan lupa follownya.. :D