Saturday, February 7, 2015

Good Begining

 One of my team said, me look so adult in this photo, but actually im SKK,,, SKK is Susan Kanak Kanak.. when im free, i always asked him to snap my photo.. hahahaa...
he younger than me, and he have hightech camera, that why i love to asked him snap my photo.. after that sent via bluetooth to my phone.. :)
thank you Prima Hartanto Kribooo...

on rest time, kita makan dengan cover our hand dengan plastik, cuz we lazy to washing our hand.. :D

The beginning always the hardest, right? ^^
Yesterday my Pak Boss told us to come early on office, must be on office before 6:30, that mean 6:29 already in office, my mess from office took 5-10 minutes by walking, depends on how laju la u jalan kaki,

And thats a big problem for me, cuz im the Ratu Tidooooo, my normal jam bangun is 6:30, I already set my alarm, from 5:30 a,m, 5 :45 a.m. 6:00 a.m, and the last is 6:30, baru kelam kabut bangun, but no matter how kelam kabut I am, I never forget to praying saying good morning to my Heavenly Father, and reading a bible, one or two ayat J,  and also never forget to tidy up my ranjang… bantal, selimut, guling, books must tersusun rapi before I left my mess.

And guess what, im success do it. Im wake up on 5:00 A.M, I even have time to go out my mess and  having small sport, walking walking :D, I love the smell on the early morning, cold and calm.
After that im have shower, getting ready and didn’t forget to bring my breakfast, Pop Mie.. usually im drink coffee and biscuit, but so many people told me to had to take a food, don’t drink coffee with empty tummy, don’t understand why, but for them that’s a way to prevent kena maag .  okk, im listening them, and start having breakfast yang betul.

Im plan start tomorrow I will go canteen and having the real breakfast, untuk mu hidup sehat I had to change my bad habit ^^

And on my way to office, I meet some people they was laughing, and saying something to me, ehhh Susan, gak salah.. biasanya jam 7 baru muncul.. hehehee
Gerakan perubahan cinnn! :D

 Yes.. yess… I want to leave my slacker attitude, and  kebiasaan ratu tidur. And start building a good life, healthy life. And of course a girl who can manage the time, im so molorrrr dalam waktu :(

And our new rule in Basecontrol team is, who come late must make a Tea or Coffee for all the team, who will be the lucky “office boy” tomorrow?  : )

Had to leave all the bad habit and be better person!
Impossible is nothing! Kan… kannnnn…
my new struggle, kena bangun awal!  hihiiii

 Good luck to me, to create the new brand of me...
had to be anak rajin! hahaaa....
also, bangun awal make our rejeki bagus, kata orang orang tua la kan, especially anak dara kalo lambat bangun memang not good!!

Photooooo :

Nah, this is my breakfast :)
wanita karir, minumnya coffee, u didnt know how suffer i am when im kena attack fitigue @_@, and coffee help me a lot, to make my mata tetep segerrrr :)

the day before Pak Winner leave site, im told him*Pak WIn, ole ole, and He asking what ole ole, me answering him *brownis Amanda, kita sengaja order Brownis Amanda, biar gimana gimana gitu.. hahaha padahal ikutkan hati gorengan aja Pak, tapi dari Jakardeee masak Pak Win mau beliin ole ole nya gorengan, agak agak lah : )

Oppa bought me Silver Queen, if he bought me Silver queen regularly, maybe he gonna be bankrupt :D, hahaa
Thank u Oppa..  Good bless u
The book, Lady In Waiting, Bu Sherly give me to reading it, but im not finished it yet.. thank you Bu Sher, i got *something* from that book..
i did some thing, yang i though its good for my relationship, , and when i read it, i found that what i did is wrong.. but its not too late to fix my mistake,
im still have opportunity to make it right :)

Hadiah door prize on Christmas Eve :), my NIK was blessed on that night, and it will be continue blessed :)

thank you for reading.
God bless..