Friday, November 23, 2012

Undangan Natal Gereja 2

heii.. i'm not on mood yang mau ngeblog, but had to, since few days ago, i had created undangan Natal gereja, and i saw in my blog, Membuat undangan Natal become populer pos, i'm sure lot people outside looking for idea how to design or buat undangan Natal gereja, for me it's very easy to make them, u only need Photoscape and Word, for the average people like me, i dont know use program yang khusus buat desain undangan Natal. i dont know cuz i never use any them :) i just love Photoscape.
and now here i would like to share with u guys,. hope it can help u have idea :)
buat undangan natal gereja, pohon natal,GPSI El_Shaddai Tarakan, Gereja

Pendetaku Pdt. Daniel Sampe S.Th nyuruhnya satu aja si yang cover depan tapi saya yang milih buat dua, eh u know, i design them using my own idea, no looking looking idea  in internet :) :) i love yang ada pagar tuu :) see??
i love learning something new, apapun yang disuruh i will, as long as it give me advantage to me. i want be clever and wise girl :)
i make them at office, My Priest ada si ngasih Notebook buat desainnya, but i dont like using notebook, the screen is too small for me! 
i need a day to desain them, and yes, my Priest said *ok! ok mean good la kan :)
#tepuk tangan and bilang woo gituuu...

terus belakangnya itu gini :

yang gambar Candle itu harusnya pake Photo Para Gembala GPSI El-Shaddai 1-VIII Kota Tarakan, but when i was make them the picture is leave at home, so i use yang lain.
ok guys, hope this could help yu.
Undangan Natal yang aku buat maybe not as good as orang lain, tapi aku bersyukur bisa memberikan pelayanan ini kepada Tuhan. only this i can do.
i cannot sing, cannot playing music. ohh poor me!!
thank you for reading.
God bless. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wedding :) :)

*I stole this picture form Ita facebook :)*
God bless your marriage <3 font="font">

Morning! happy weekend (: 
last night i was attending my friend wedding, Novita Sari. I'm happy for u, u already find your happiness. congratulation for being a wife to a man that God sent to u. 
did u know, what come on my mind once i see Ita standing on the stage and shake hand all the people, there are so many people coming, is around 500an la, i see the bride and the groom, they look so happy, and could't stop smiling. in my mind is.. when is my turn! LOL! no la, kidding. in my mind is time is flying rocketing,  we haven't meet for 2 years, and when we meet on last Thursday it's last day for her to being single, yaa.. Ita now is wifey someone. too bad there isn't photo last night, so cannot share here, how beautiful my friend on the stage!cantik banget!
dengan eye lashes yang 5 inch tu (:
in the wedding ceremony i also meet my old friend, Theo, Bian, Eta and Dhea, Noviana, Berty,.
we all  prettier and handsome (: (: #puji diri sendir bisa dong 

when we enter the room, ohmygad! so many people leh, and i look kiri kanan, i whisper my friend, Ros *Ros am i the only one who bring gift?  #kaget 
Ros : kayaknya si iyaa..
i bring my pink wallet and prize, mean i cannot take a food and drink, so i asked Ros to help me put the food. sorry ye, merepotkan (:
 then, after we finish put the food we looking for the chair and sitting, pasang muka ramah paling ramah sedunia, even dont know who the person u meet just smiling... ciee..cieee! 
when we sitting and enjoy our food, we start ber gossip riaa! 
cewek, pemale ketemu.. ujungnya pasti gossip! but we talking yang good thing not the bad..LOL!
and also we couldn't stop starring at the bride and groom. .. ya gimana gimana gitu.. cantik si! jadinya kita gk bisa liat yang lain. especially they wore Baju Adat Toraja Modern! Yellow!!

and op kos, satu kebiasaan ladies, memerhatikan para undangan, kemain baju bling..blingg gitchu!
ada yang mengalahkan Syahrini :) and ada yang pake baju sama.. aiyaa! how come leh? janjian ato.... (fill in the blanks)

Ros is married, Dhea still studying, but last night she asking me, #Susan kapan? 
me : gk tau kapan. 
guys, sometime i wish i could talking directly with God, so if you asking me something yang i dont know, i could asking God, and He tell me.
but unfortunately we all  human being yang have no supernatural power :( so, let see la, when it time.
the time i become Ratu sehari and ratu for Mr.Right for all His rest life, for now i cannot say anything,  moreover i have no plan to going married :) :) LOL! 
and i see most youth come with  their BF/GF eh jeles la, why i dont have ahh? :(

on the road heading to home, i was thinking, is it our life suppose to be?
Born_Growing Up_Studying_Working_Married_

thank you for reading God bless!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Super Easy Bolu Kukus

Alohaaa :)  
Happy monday :) :) :) 
every sunday, kalo gk kerja i usually use it as time to doing something yang different dari hari hari, tidy up my house, baking cake, cooking food yang super yummy #versi lidah orang kampung..
and yesterday i had backed cake... eh not baking but steam.. my  mommy said Kukus :) Puji Tuhan ya Cakenya jadi... tapi kayak digigit tikus gitu.. so i name it Cake Jalan Tikus!
i wish could let u guys try and see it lively. nama aja si yang jelek tapi taste dia still delicious!

Cara aku bikinnya gampang banget...!

saya pake Pondan. Bolu Kukus yang ready to use, jadi gk takut bolu kukusnya gk jadi, kurang gula and etc, harganya super cheap Rp.15.000 :)

Blue Band (Mentega) saya pake 1 sendok aja,.

Telur.. as u can see, i use 3 eggs. dari resepnya Pondan si 5 telur, tapi aku pake 3 aja, soalnya gk suka kalo bolu kukusnya jadi eneg! 

Mixer! buat adonannya.
trus Blue Band + Telur mix dia jadi satu. kalo  udah ngembang gitu masukkan pondannya, trus mixer 10 menit.

naa, kemarin i try kasih colour, (Kesumba) blue, green and yellow. 
kalo mau kasih warna warni, pisahkan adonan menjadi 3, karena ada 3 warna ya adonannya jadi 3 dong!
masukin warna hijau dulu, kukus 10 menit, baru masukkin warna lain. kukus 20 menit.
jadi dehh.. Bolu Jalan Tikus!hehee..
ini lah resep bolu kukus yang super easy. you can make this untuk acara ulang taun, Kue Natal,.

and here the cake :
Ini lah Bolu kukusnya... look ugly la kan, but the taste is super yummy! :)
sorry cannot give u try, but u still can look the picture sepuasmu,, :) :) 

Thank you for reading.
God bless

Monday, November 5, 2012

Me And Budak Budak

Good morning! cheer upppp! pasang senyum pepsodent and senyum  bebek selebar lebarnyaaaa!
super excited only I month to go and Merry  Merry Christmas, hand up guys if you excited like me.

ehh, there are so much thing want to share here, tapi sometime hilang idea mau ketik apa, is hard to find idea,.kayak postingan ini, gk punya idea saya, tapi I try konsep konsep kalimat and yaa jadilah..satu postingan yang  gonna spamming you with our pictures. me, Young sister and my Nephew and Niece, they are adorable especially the youngest. Baby Junita Lolo Bua.

actually saya ni bukan penyuka anak anak.. oh noo! apalagi kalo tu anak jorok, nakal, kuat makan, cengeng, kurus.. saya suka yang nakal tapi imut yang ngemesin gitu, apalagi kalo yang gendut! itu baru saya suka… hehee.. sorry la, bukan niat menjadi cewek yang kejam dengan anak2 tapi yaa itulah my weakness… that’s why I salute sama cewek cewek yang suka banget ma anak anak, kemarin ada yang update status on facebook, she said 
*Suka ma anak anak gk sabaran mau nikah and have baby!

ihh geli geli aku baca statusnya tu, tapi I understand dia type cewek yang suka ma anak2 gituu.. tapi masakan mau punya anak lantas mau cepat nikah? u can adopt ur family’s child, kan kaan.
ok la, stop pot pettt pottt potttt…

I would like to  introduce u with my anak buah ;
 Baby Junita, i dunno know la, Junita or Janita.
i could say she is the cutest baby in this word :) mestilah puji puji, since she is my Nephew :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lazy Day

Good morning!
u alls, dalam hidup kita ni kan, ada time up and down, and lazy time pun ada, kalo time lazy u know la apa yang we doing. something yang useless, wasting  time.
few day ago, saya kena syndrome Lazy, kemalasan melanda, but had to working, gk bisa stay home and duduk manis , I’m not anak boss yang bisa berlengah lengah dengan waktu.
at office I kerja like usually, tapi lebih banyak saya main main, hee.. heee! main tapi kerja saya siap on time :)
dan inilah kerjaan saya :

 keluar masuk ruangan, liat kiri kanan no people, snap picture.
guys, is it true i'm thin? banyak ketemu ma old friend most of them said that saya kurusan dari kemarin, bukan kemarin 2 3 hari tapi berbulan dan taun. uhh, my weight now is 45Kgs. Ideal bukan? 

this is my future picture lho :) 3-5 taun lagi bisa begini, ecehh :) pray pray la for me yaa! 

Menghayal and listening this songg.. huaa heaven biee :) :)

sambil sambil tu buka buka blog ku :) :) lagi surgaaaa.. haa.. haaa! PC kerja ku look cute, isn't it?penuh dengan sticker Hello Kitty.

 My meja kerja, kuno bukan??
tapi ni udah  mau di renovasi lho, so so.. bentar lagi meja kerja ku look like meja Direktur. LOL!

My Epson, Printer ni kalo lagi ngeprint satu RT bisa dengar bunyi nya. kueekueeklueekkueee!
My bottle air, everyday i bring drinking water from home, saya ni peminum air, ini Tuuperware lho, bukan yang biasa biasa tuu.. huee
and my Red Bag u alls ni belum lunas bayarnya, if u mau tolong bayarkan bisaa... 
hee.... :) :) #i kidding laa.

kalo kemalasan melanda saya pikir itu hal wajib tapi kalo udah berhari hari berlarut larut itu udah disaster yang could destroy ur life, so heal it soon yaa..!

terima kasih udah baca.
 God bless