Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello 2014

Hii 2014! 

 2014 Resolution...

------- >  Come closer to God, same with my previous resolution on early 2013, i want to take any ministry in church. i want to serve my God as my King. even it just a small role, small or bigger it's doesn't important, the matter is i want to served my God with my all  heart.

------- > Spend less money saving more,,, for  bring my mommy go holiday, maybe if i have much money can bring my whole family, but this year i only plan go holiday with my mommy, cuz i still have small salary.

------- > Be better person, being nice with all people, included the stranger,  but sometime the stranger is better than the person we know, agree? i have a lot experience about meet the stranger and they are much better than the person i know, am gonna talking about this on my next post. promise!

------- > Dating. mehh should i list this as my resolution on 2014? hmm.. ok i mean if i find the good man who suit with me, i will dating with him.. so, pray for me la for getting the good man.

-------- >  Reading much book. this is one of my resolution on 2013, and continue this year, in my bedroom now, i only have 2 books, and it religious book.. and sometime i reading E-book. i need to learning more.

--------- > Loss Weight 5kg. Yes, am serious! lately when i meeting up with people on my way to go working, they must said *Susan getting fat, look at your cheek, so chubby! and my reaction is hehee ok la, fat or thin, that's doesnt matter with me anymore, as long as am healthy! haha but in my heart actually oh noo... i cannot accepted that am a fat lady now.. huhuu..

so, that enough for today. i will share more on next post!
and here some pictures to you..
me on my way return to my mess... that not my glasses i borrow it from someone.
 This picture was taken before me went to New year Eve party.. eh not party actually, cuz me only standing watch the people around me dancing and sing dangdut, the singer too sexay leh, and also, i joining plant's party, bakar bakar sosis & jagung & ikan. and  did u know, something sweet was happend on the night. hee.. hee

this is our mess, when i uploaded on facebook stupid Andrew commenting on it and said it like a poultry. ngeee

This how we spend our first day on 2014, just me spend much time in my room, clean up my room and washing my safety boot.

And this is the sweetest letter i had on last 2013... . thank you if you really mean you love me. i will remember you..  i post this letter on my wall, just to remember my self that someone out there love me.. hakk haakkk so sweet leh!

so, enough for today!
i promised to my self that 2014 must be better than was.

Thank you for reading my blog.
God bless us