Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Monthsary, Oppa


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i dont know when i began prayed that i want to having boyfriend who have same faith with me, Son Of God (Christian) i dont know how long i prayed for that, what i know its not took short time , and either i didnt wait too long for to God answer me. im strong believe with thess words "everything will be fallen in right time"...imageimageimage

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Haloo. Makassar. Pisang Epe

As my promise in previous post that i will continue update my blog about my holiday on Tana Toraja, thats not holiday maybe, cuz im back to my own village, Toraya Maballo ♥‿♥

 Puji Tuhan, God allow me, the queen my Mommy and my younger sister to back,
gathering with my family on Toraja, Parinding and Buntulobo.
 Thats a blessing for me (◕‿-)
 less words ya, i have no much word to said, hehe
Halooo... apply little make up, hehee
                          Halo Abang  (✿ ♥‿♥), may i know, what on your mind?  we only meet on airport, after that i went to Makassar and he went home, Balikpapan..

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Good morning from Container Basecontrol, Pit Seruyung, karena kalo update blog  di office udah terlalu mainstream, hehe..

what exactly they want ya? As human being we only have 24 hours a day, if we manage it good, ok its enough, but  sometime im heard  people said for them 24 hours a day to earning life doesn’t enough,and what make me terheran heran is some people have so much time to mind other business, ihhhh anehh!

If me, selagi tak kacau hidup kita, pekerjaan kita, family kita, and love even pacar pun you have to fight lho.. hahah

Ok la,  please stop  mind other business, jangan biasakan diri mengurusi hidup orang lain, mungkin hanya candaan mu, mainann mu,  bahkan hiburanmu tapi efek ke orang itu apa? Pikirkanlah baik baik. one thing that u cannot  kidding about is nasi periuk orang,

kamu tidak akan pernah tau beban yang dipikul, tidak tahu berapa relatives yang mengharapkannya.
if you want to kidding, u can kidding with other stuff, like make up, dress, food, and etc, not nasi periuk orang! take a note ya!!   

Some people diam, they are not silent, they are just realize  bukan siapa siapa untuk speak up, and u busy body, bisakan 24 hours that u have please don’t spend it even 1 minutes to kacau hidup orang. Life must being blessing not a  disease for other!

rupa rupa manusia! herannnn.

thank you for reading my blog!

God bless you   

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Janji, Promise.

                                                               Tebak, saya berada dimana? ^^

Hello February, thank you for being nice for me so far. Hahaa.... i lope lope you,
Ehh, this is the month where some people celebrating Valentine? Hmmm, i dont know what is that, never celebrate it, im just so old fashion lady! Ngeekkk.....!!

So, im just back from field break, Puji Tuhan, this periodic leave God allow me back to Mommy and Daddy’s village, Tana Toraja, and what make me happy to max is, i could kept my promise that i make feww years ago,  one day if God allow me, and giving me a good job, and i earning money, i’ll save it a little, and bought ticket for my parents and bring them go to Toraja, just this time im only afford  bought ticket for my mommy, Im asking daddy, if you want join with us, I’ll trying to bought ticket, but daddy refuse and answer me, next time, If God willing, maybe August daddy turn go to Toraja, hehee... fighting! Working hard, saving money!!
The last time im back to Torajam, is February 2014, almost 2 years la baru bisa balik lagi...
First day on Toraja, kena attack flu, macam macam sakit, masuk angin iya, panas iya, entahhh...
Maybe im now a old lady, ngiaaaakkkk!! So easy for flu to attack me, padahal i already bring my vitamin, but still kena sakit,.

Hallooo Seruyung, you know i love you so much, hha.. haaa

and this is my first photo wearing life jacket, gk mau kalah ma om om Operator, after taking photo, upload on media sosial, giving the tag, On the way site.. hahahahaa...

Thank you very much My Lord, Jesus Christ, You make me could kept my promise,
You blessing me more than i deserve, you put the heart kinded people around me,
Sembah  sujudku mengucap syukur atas semua berkatMu dalam hidupku.

Will updating my blog soon, tonight just give you a short update, that now im on work, kerjaaa kita untuk masa depan, hehe

Thank you for reading,
Salama kaboro (Salam kasih sayang)