Friday, May 30, 2014

FOTD #Be Happy

Be happy.
spend your time with those who love and could make you happy.
Happy girl are the prettiest...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Keluarga baru kita


Anneong haseyoo ~_~
How is life? Good leh ^^ 
God is so nice to me... he blessing me more than i deserved. 
thank u God, bless me more..

like usually nothing special with my post.. hahaa..
my post so bored leh, i just talking about job.. and job...
but this post is different with older post, still talking about my job, but i would like to show u with my new family here... maybe this is the second time talking about family in Pt. Sago Prima Pratama.. nah, now u know where i'm working.. 
so, here we go...

helooo..  kumande...kumande.  one of my friend just return from field break, and she had brought ole ole.. what we eat in this picture is gogos.. one of traditional food...

#Common room for girl.. where we have chit chat.. and watching tv.
Our companya have prepared good facility for it's coworker, like karaoke room.. gym..
the picture above was taken in karaoke room...

this is my deskjob.. maybe u used to hear people said hidup di tambang keras, so this is just a way for me to survive, survive dalam kerasnya hidup, if u have problem dont hope to get someone to talking with cuz everyone here is busy with their job, so be wise la, search in google the qoute and post on ur office. if u have problem facing them and read the qoute, it help much, not solve ur problem but keep u moving on..
 i love my job, just there is time that i really want to escape, i want to take day off on not my schedule, i just want to sleep i hope the time running slower, but cant, i had to go work, and doing my job.
i love my job but sometime it make me weak... i dont know how to describe it. heeee

 a day before new system of e_overtime running, we had training from our beauty Supervisor, who wearing pink hijab.. Ms. Intan Lukita Sari.. i can say she is the most beautiful lady in Sago..
i admire her. beautiful and smart. briliant..
My bosses.. Mr. Rahardian dan Mr. Tomi.. who gonna be the winner if they are in   running competition ? ^^

heloo... he is our guess in Sago, when i see he went out i rush grab my phone, 
 hello.. sir, where do u come from? he answer me nicely, America,
me : new york?
him : oh noo
and me : Sir, may i snap pciture with u?
and he give good reaction, ABSolutely!! 

thank u.
will give u more about sago in future..
thank u for reading.
God bless...