Friday, October 9, 2009

Anniversary gift for woman:

Not So Tidy

Life can be a messy thing,
and it can lead to untidiness,
but out of chaos emerges order,
and what follows is eternal happiness…

We met in Flagstaff, Arizona,
a small (winter) town that we both miss,
it's where we had breakfast at Denny's,
it's where I stole my first (nervous) kiss.

Our days at NAU,
were so happy and carefree,
we both really miss those days,
and wish it was the way it used to be.

But life never stays in the one place,
and you just can't halt that marching time,
and sometimes things get tough,
and sometimes the words don't rhyme.

Life wasn't meant to be easy,
and marriage is harder still,
but you keep me mentally warm,
you keep out that winter chill.

We've now been married for one year,
we both have the benefit of hindsight,
but I'd like to set the record straight,
and put a few wrongs to write :)

Because you are still so beautiful,
and you are my dreams personified,
I love you from my very core,
I love you from way deep inside.

And today is the first day,
the first day in the rest of our life,
and I'm so proud to be with you,
I'm so lucky to have you as my wife.

And now I'm doing the accountant thing,
and you're busy applying to law schools,
maybe we shouldn't have skipped class so often,
maybe we should have just followed the rules?

But everything for a reason,
or at least that's what they say,
and I'm so very glad to have married you,
the day I met you was my luckiest day.

And I love you so very much,
more than these mere words can express.
Kara Stuart, you are beautiful.
Kara Stuart, you are simply the best.

And I'm sorry that I'm not so tidy,
and that my clothes just hang on the floor,
but just know that I love you madly,
and that I'll love you for evermore.

Copyright Allen Jesson 2008