Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Celebrate my birthday, alone

So far, Februari being sweet for me. Here the reason, I bought Ferero Rocher for me.  LOL, hii girls, be independent ya so whatever you want you dont need approval from anyone, even your spouse, however if you running out of money you can run into you hubby, LOL!!

I'm working on night shift now, and I have idea what I want to share with you tonight, tb story . ^^

Last year I'm gaining one more year, 30 to be exact. I did something  new which I never did before. I bought new handbag, new sandal, body shower from Victoria Secret and Body Mist from BBW, I did, I wake up and decorated my room, I'm dress well put make up, taking photo! Gosh, I'm a proud birthday lady! LOLLL!!!

Hiiii 30yo! I know, life  wouldn't  never been easier anymore, but I believe we'll get it together, no matter how hard life will be in future, we can facing it together, God are with us.

These present I bought for my self as my self reward as well. hehe.. this is only happened once in a blue moon si ^^

Green tea cake from my cousin,  you may curious why there are two name on it, Mama Kin & Bunda Ela, so me and my  younger sister share the same birthday.. haha too often people thought we are twins, padahal beda banget si kita.. haha

thank you for read!

stay safe everyone, lovee 



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