Monday, December 30, 2013

I Life and Breathing



Hii... this is gonna be the last post on 2013, just a day and we welcoming new year. 2014, be nice with me yap!
2013 i the extreme year for me, full of rain, tornado, storm, but Praise The Lord am still live and breathing...
So, here i dont want to typing much words, i just want to saying that i’m blessed working in Pt. Sago P.P..

Did you know, when i meet up with people they asking me,  why do i want to working here, am a girl,  i can find more job outside, am still young, their question is make me become speechless... i dont know how to answer them, so me diam tanpa kata.
I know their mean, maybe for them am a girl and i shouldnt working in jungle.. hahaa..

Ok, that’s right sini memang hutan tapi saya betah kerja sini, i dont know why. I enjoy working here.
The people sorrounding me pun semua baik, tapi ada jugalah yang ehhmm... ehhm... tak tau budi bahasa eh no, i mean they talking to you they are too rough , apalagi saya admin mining, so ketemu ma orang orang seperti itu udah ahh biasa aja.. tapi jujurlah kadang tu rasa.. arrr Tuhan sajalah yang tahu.. heee
So, here i trully being iron lady, if people angry i try to hard not to cry, but my heart remuk.. hahaaa
Overall, everything is ok,.

so, here some pictures to share...
 from left _ Me_Miss Lia_Mas Maulidin_Mas Prima.
this picture was taken when we headed to mess, and guess what? jalan kaki lho :) :)

Me among the operator.. upss i see the couple inside :)

Salam dari panitia :)

 they were dero-ing, i would like to join them, but i dont know.. hahaa
so me berdiri aja laa menonton.. see both my friend above, Ferlin Bubun and Jenny Parappak, they are lincah dero-ing.. hahaa

will updating my blog tomorrow if the internet connection is normal.

ok.. byee..
God bless

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hiii... am back!! Anyone miss me? It has been 4 months i havent updating my blog.
I have a lot story and pictures to share..
I know there are many people want to know my development.. heheee

Too much story to share and i dont know where to start..
Maybe on this time i should talking about my carrer..
Praise The Lord, in this year something different happening in my life.
Am currently working in mining industry.. yes am a Gold Miner!! Hahaaa
Pt. Sago Prima Pratama.. if you carious about the company go goggling for it.

Am still new on mining industry so kena belajar banyak lagi.