Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hati yang gembira....

                        Mega Tower!! there will be miracle in our container shortly, it turning into cold room. hehee, for now we can only pray hard wait patiently, gensett coming soon pelisssss! we need u.


Anneong haseyo   

Puji Tuhan, Seruyung was raining today.. all the employer on Pit must be happy for that, no dust.

Been working on pit almost 3 weeks, that open my eyes widely, Oh my gosshh, this is pit, before im so excited when my boss or friend asking me go to Pit, for what? Just to taking photo, selfie, wefie, groupie, but now... almost everyday im on Pit, my office now on pit! i will share my story about that shortly, 

Friday, March 11, 2016

I miss it but God restore it. Gracias

 did u notice our difference?  hmmm... like our foot


If you havent listen Grezia song Tetap Setia, you better listen it now,.

There are two song now become my fav song, first is Tetap Setia, this is an old song la,  so if im being worship leader on our oikumene Seruyung, i will pick up that my favorite song, Tetap setia, but mostly people know if we said Selidiki Aku...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hallo March, Gracias February

                                   image  My photo is actually ask u something, hmm..  look at my new glasses and my ring, hahaa

Happy March
Good bye February, thank you for being nice with me.

Dear March 2016, 31 days with you, not a short time, please be nice ya image
Thank you God, for giving me opportunity to life in another month, I do love you God.
Sometime in the night after me praying, before slept, tears are drop on my pillow, its not because im sad or something else, it cuz I was flashback  how was my day, im realize God lovee me so much, He didn’t leave me even a minutes,