Sunday, August 10, 2014

Never try to fix someone..

Im slept late and early wake up..
Sometime was wrong with my mind and eyes..
My mind kept thinking something and it doesnt allwo my eyes to sleep...

I just want to be thank with God with all His kindness in my life..
I have nothing to give Him just my heart.. and my soul..
Few past day ago, aku ada ngomong ma teman kalo dia itu angkuh dan kasar kalo ngomong.. and she given me good reaction, begging for forgivness hahaa.. so awkward, she is older than me.. sorry Miss S..
And after that i saw and i can feel she is change to me.. nah that mean i was wrong try to fix her.. she told me that ohh thats my character... i realise i have no right to fix her....
The story is like this..
I was having lunch with my friend, and she open the door, and with high voice muka terangkat she came to us to invited us to disscuss something with all my friend, girls only.
Can u imagine it, depan makanan lagi makan ada yang datang tanpa knock knock and bagi salam dengan suara yang tinggi..
What would do you feel?
Me down... in my heart, apa si gak tau etika.. orang lagi makan depan rejeki dia datang gitu...
And of course i cant acceppted that, mau itu karaktermu sifatmu.. i dont care, what it know u did the mistake. And i told her.. please slowly ur voice.. but i told her nicely,hmm.. cuz this matter she ended up delete me from her BBM contact.. hahaaa....!!
Lesson from this,never try  to fix someone..
Hilang lagi satu teman. Hahaa.. mungkin saya yang gak bisa menerima dia apa adanya, dan dia  merasa gak bisa mengubah karakternya maka hal terbaik yang bisa dilakukan adalah UNFRIEND!!
Mehhh.... cannot take it easy meh dude?  Hope u find the better friend than me.. me jahat! Sing Geisha song please.. kamu jahat!! LOL ~_~

have great week ahead..
God bless..