Tuesday, January 19, 2021

My son start walking & Kin Birtday story

                                                     Wefie with hubby..

How's life treat you? me, syukur Puji Tuhan, baik.  I'm still cant believe we are now on 2021, LOL. I mean 2020 passing too  fast :) 

I have a lot things to write down on my blog, but i'm too lazy, gosh! I need to wake up and kick my as off LOL! 

So gaes, lemme told you a big thing that currently happened in my life.. My son Kinako start  walking, haha. my mak sent me his video, I was  laughing and happily crying, yes, my tears drop when I saw it, as a working mother I miss his first step, I miss lot of his development, but sokay.. Mamah Ok ^^  He is 14 months old  btw. 

             Hii Kin, mamah papah  love you so much, thank you for being good son ya. 

 everyday we did video call, hahaa.. Kin only call his papah.. papah..  I dont know why, he is so papah son, only call mamah if he is crying. alolo.. anak buccu ^^ 

let's talk abour His 1st Birthday celebration, before I become mother, I have ever said,  If I have children in future, I wouldn't celebrate their birthday, I will only blow cake with my family, but when I become mother I change my mind, and I start preparing Kin's birthday for almost 2 months, Why did it took long?  Cus I designed all his stuff, from banner, cake, cupcake wrapper and snack box, goodie bag, it took time and spent much money loh.. hahah