Thursday, July 17, 2014

What is the next question?

Alohaaa! Miss my blog!! cium pelukk!
Long time no update from me, cuz when i want to updating my   facebook calling me and said stalk him.. stalk him.. haha
I have friend on facebook that i stalk everytime im on facebook, and is so annoy cuz in his account there are a bunch of his girlfriend photo, and me pretending dont know, i asked him yesterday, do u still date with her? WTF!! And he answer yes i do..
i know actually but pura pura gak tau.. hihii..
and another annoying story from facebokk..
i got private message on my facebook, asking me, where my husband come from, how many child i have....  so aneh!

and this also eh,..

if u are my boyfriend and asked me that i have answer for you, but unfortunately the question not from my bf.. dont have boyfriend! huaa....#crying in the corner..
i just hope got boyfriend soon...  
Dear Abba, sent me one :)

tomorrow please asking me, do u want silverqueen or soya bean? my answer definately YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  Ivan, Rebhi, Pak David, and Me.
i love my safety shoes... he know how hard my journey is.. 

alohaaa... me borrow Mr. David's glasses.. and when i see my photo wearing it, i would like. wohoo.. me look so cool.. hahah i need to buy one, so when i was on field break several weeks ago, i bought it, and my young sister laughing on me cuz it very cheap glasses u can own it with Rp.20.000 but me bought it Rp.40.000.. so kena tipu penjual.. he know where im working.. tambang cinn.. hahaha
this is my own glasses.. no more pinjam pinjammm :)

This me, and Stevie.. do we look alike?
Stevie and me in church, we training singing before the sunday worship.. now, i have friend going to church.. i admire she, she have nice voice and pelayan Tuhan, i had to learn from her.

ok done!

Thank you for reading,
Much love,

God bless..

Salam 2 jari ~_~